Tuesday, June 15

“I’m staying at Manchester City, for sure”

  • The former Barça coach comes out of the rumors about his return to the Camp Nou

At the gates of his third Champions League final, Pep Guardiola has wanted to erase with a stroke of the pen the rumors about his possible return to Barça. Win or lose this Saturday will not change your mind or residence. “No, I’m sure,” he said in Movistar’s ‘flash interview’. A couple of hours before Joan Laporta he had feigned questions about the return of the architect from the sextet. “I have not come to talk about my dreams. I like to make dreams come true. If I counted my dreams there would be tomato,” the president had commented before the rumble about Pep’s return.

The Catalan coach has a contract until 2023 and has already spent five seasons at the English club, more than he spent on the benches of the Barça and Bayern Munich. This Friday he explained the reasons why he decided to renew last December for a couple more years. “They give the coach everything he needs. Of course investment, but not only that. The players know that everyone supports me at the club, on the board. I’m comfortable. I have everything. I can’t ask for more to do my job. I work. That’s the way we work here and that’s why I decided to renew for two years and then two more years. I feel incredibly comfortable working not only with the players but with the rest of the employees. ”

Guardiola has recognized that it is a “privilege” to be in the first Champions League final in the history of City and the third of his career as a coach: “When I started my career I didn’t even expect to play a single final. I know what I’m going to tell you. to my players. To those who are nervous or anxious, I will tell them that it is normal. Each one will try to handle it in the best possible way. Whoever is calm and relaxed is also normal. ”

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The memory of Wembley-2011

The City manager remembers perfectly how he lived his last final, a decade ago at Wembley. “Yes, of course I remember. These kinds of games, the performance and especially the road against Manchester United, one of the best teams in history with Sir Alex, especially the way we played, I have fond memories of that. It’s been 10 years, a long time ago, but it’s good to remember it. In that final we expressed very well what we worked on in that period in Barcelona. ” Many Catalans have not forgotten that ode to football either and they keep wondering how many more Champions both Barça and Guardiola would have if they had not left fed up with the ‘bartorosellismo’ that wanted to demolish all vestige of ‘laportismo’.


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