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“I’m tired of this baby”: Beats his son to death, frustrated at canceling trip to Comic-Con

A baby died a victim of his father’s fury.

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One Florida man accused of beating his 8-month-old baby to death because he was angry and frustrated that he had to cancel a weekend trip to Comic-Con for taking care of the child.

On Tuesday, Keyshawn Wanya Bailey was indicted by an Alachua County grand jury with one count of murder in the first degree, aggravated child abuse, child abuse and child neglect.

Last month, Gainesville Police Department officers responded to a 911 call from Bailey who told them her son, referred to in court documents as “LB,” was drowning, the Alachua Chronicle reported.

Upon arrival, lifeguards allegedly saw that the baby had suffered a large bruise on the back of the head; they also reported seeing a blanket that appeared to be stained with blood.

The boy was taken to the UF Health Shands ER, where a CT scan reportedly showed the baby had a fractured skull, swollen brain, and subdural hematomas on each side of his head. Doctors told police that the baby’s injuries appeared to have been caused on purpose.

Doctors’ efforts to save his life were unsuccessful as he was pronounced dead later that day.

The baby’s mother told researchers that her son he was fine when he went to work, about an hour before Bailey called 911, and commented that the only other people in the house were Bailey and a 3-year-old boy, the Chronicle adds.

What’s more, The woman showed investigators text messages sent by the defendant on November 19, which included photos of the baby with scratches on the face, a mark on the nose and discoloration under the eye. At the time, Bailey said her son kept cutting himself on something inside his bassinet.

“I’m tired of this baby,” read one of the messages.

Bailey gave police changing versions of what had happened to her baby. He originally denied knowing what had happened to the child’s face in the photos shown by the mother to the police, and also said he did not know what had caused his son’s fatal injuries.

He later revealed that he had dropped the baby twice since the Friday before his arrest, but was adamant that none of those falls caused the injury to the boy’s nose or the injuries that led to his death, according to reports. .

Authorities continued to pressure the 26-year-old man for answers and he admitted that he caused the injury to the boy’s nose, saying he was “playing fight” with his son and accidentally he hit the baby on the nose with his knuckles. He finally admitted that he intentionally punched the boy in the face.

He also confessed that dropped the baby just before calling 911, but he continued to maintain that he did not intentionally inflict the injuries that sent his son to the emergency room and ultimately caused his death.

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