Tuesday, November 28

“I’m weird, I’m deformed, I’m going to tell everything”: the fantastic year of the writer and rapper Matías Fernández Burzaco

  • Matías Fernández Burzaco
  • Argentina, special for BBC World

Matías with director Luis Ortega at the launch of

Image source, Alejandro Guyot


Matías with director Luis Ortega at the launch of “Los awake”, one of the two books he published this year.

In August 2021 we published a text written by the Argentine reporter, author, musician and creator Matías Fernández Burzaco, which was widely commented on on social media and triggered a dialogue between Matías and members of our audience.

Many expressed their interest in knowing more about him, his life and his work.

“2021 was the best year of my life,” Matías tells BBC Mundo when we contacted him to follow up on him.

He says so because he published two books – the autobiography “Formas proper, diary of a body at war” and “Los awake” (a collection of stories from his nurses and night caretakers) – he appeared for the first time in public as a rapper, he composed dozens of songs and is preparing to debut as an actor in a film by director Luis Ortega, son of the famous singer and actor Palito Ortega.


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