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IMAGES: This is how the elections in Nicaragua take place this Sunday

The Nicaraguan media have denounced irregularities during the electoral process.

Oscar Navarrete / Getty Images

In the framework of the elections in Nicaragua, which are not recognized by the international community, including the United States and the European Union, Nicaraguan media reported from the early hours of this Sunday little influx of people in the electoral centers and different irregularities in the process.

“At 8 am, the Colegio Benjamín Zeledón in Managua was completely empty due to the limited participation of the population in this voting process,” Nicaragua Investiga reported, accompanied by images that certify the facts.

On the contrary, the local media ‘El 19 Digital’ assured that in the community of Ocote Arriba, San Dionisio, Nicaraguans actually went to their voting center.

For their part, local media denounced via Twitter that the National Police, like other officials related to Daiel Ortega’s party, have violated the Electoral Law by political proselytizing inside the voting centers.

Regarding the violations of press freedom, characteristic of the Ortega government, the organization of Independent Journalists and Communicators of Nicaragua (PCIN) issued a public alert through its networks at noon for the arrest of journalists Elvin Daniel Martínez and Meleydi Trujillo, from the digital medium “Masaya al día”.

Within the framework of these persecutions of journalists in the country, ‘La Prensa de Nicaragua’ denounced in the afternoon that an alleged Sandinista sympathizer asked the team about the media to which they belonged to later take photographs of the communication workers .

This same medium reported on the arrival of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo at the corresponding voting center.

In June, the Undersecretary for Latin America of the United States Department of State, Julie Chung, described Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega as a “dictator” and urged the rest of the countries of the world to treat him as such.

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