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Immigration Dreams and Italian Lineage: How They Make a Perfect Match

Immigration is no longer a rare thing for Americans, as thousands of them move to other parts of the world each year. Starting life over is the motivation behind the decision for most immigrants. But some associate immigration dreams with ancestral roots in another country. Some countries offer citizenship by descent, making it easy to claim the right through your bloodline. Italy is one of those destinations where you can take advantage of the perfect combination of your ancestral roots and your immigration dreams. If you want more information, The Bersani Law Firm Offers A Great Guide Here for you. Let us explain how you can make your dreams come true by claiming citizenship through your Italian bloodline.

The eligibility requirements are simple

Italian citizenship by descent is perhaps the easiest way to achieve your immigration goals. The eligibility requirements are simple and you can qualify in most cases. An Italian father brings you in, and so do previous generations. You just have to prove that you were a citizen of the country after its formation and unification in 1861. Also, verify that you had not naturalized elsewhere before having the next in line. If you meet these requirements, continue with the application.

You can enter even with one exception.

If you have a maternal lineage in Italy, it may be included in an exception. Italian women could not pass on citizenship rights to your children before 1948. If your relative gave birth before this year, you cannot qualify for Jure Sanguinis. But you can get in even with an exception to the 1948 Rule. It involves a judicial process, but it is less overwhelming than you might think.

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A citizenship professional can help

The process of Italian citizenship by descent is relatively straightforward, but career guidance always helps. You can trust the experts to show you the way from start to finish. Furthermore, they can also help you collect local documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates of your ancestor. It’s so much easier to let an expert do it for you instead of traveling to Italy and accessing records from decades ago with no connections.

You can apply from anywhere

His lineage in Italy puts him in an advantageous position when it comes to obtaining Italian citizenship. You can even apply without traveling to Italy. All you need to do is submit your application at the quasi-Italian consulate in your country of residence. The process may take a little longer than applying from within Italy, but it saves you the cost of traveling and staying in Italy.

Citizenship passes to the next generations

Ancestral roots in Italy don’t just fulfill your immigration dreams. They also make the next generations eligible too. Your citizenship rights are passed on to your children and beyond without any additional work. It is a great opportunity to obtain dual citizenship that allows them to live and work in Italy. They can visa-free travel to EU states and access to quality education and medical care in the country. A better gift could not be passed on to generations to come.

If you have an Italian bloodline, you must pursue your immigration dreams sooner rather than later. Follow them and take advantage of the opportunity to live in one of the best immigration destinations in the world.

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