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Immigration reform that Congress is preparing would give citizenship to a maximum of 7 million undocumented immigrants

There is a broad national movement to pass immigration reform.

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The immigration project that Democrats analyze in Congress would open the path to citizenship for between five and seven million undocumented immigrants, due to the economic arguments that congressmen must use to approve the reform through a Reconciliation process.

This was explained by the activist Stopped Lia, Director of Legislative Advocacy at Immigration Hub, on the Democratic plan that would need the minimum majority in the Senate, without Republican support.

“We are not (considered the more than 10 million) undocumented, it is very detailed, they are the dreamers, those who have TPS, those who have field work … and those who worked in essential industries during the pandemic,” said Parada, who stressed the limitations of the Reconciliation process. “It is estimated that there will be between five and seven million people.”

However, there are no details on how the legislative project will be built, because there are different projects in Congress, but none integrates all the immigrants mentioned, since the Essential Workers Bill integrates ‘dreamers’, people with TPS and farm workers.

“Normally 60 votes are required to pass laws … for immigration reform we have worked with both parties to reach 60 votes, but at this time there are not enough votes to reach the reform,” acknowledged the expert. “We have this opportunity for reconciliation that requires a simple majority.”

Parada was part of a panel of experts on immigration and legislative processes, in which they also participated Clarissa Martínez de Castro, Associate Vice President of Legislation and Advocacy of UnidosUS; José Alonso Muñoz, National Communications Manager for United We Dream, moderated by Vanessa Cardenas, de America’s Voice.

“In terms of everything, there is one overriding thing that voters want to see, solutions … and in terms of immigration, legality, citizenship is the solution that the majority of the American people support,” said Martínez de Castro.

The experts anticipated that the process will be complicated and will take several months, since at the end of July and the beginning of August the economic project divided into two main parts will be known.

It would be in September or October when a decision is made in Congress, after the parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough review the project and determine that it does not violate the Byrd rule, which delimits laws under Reconciliation with an impact on the budget.

“The path to citizenship is possible and our goal is to cover as many people as possible … The process that Congress is considering today is unusual and a bit complicated,” said Cárdenas.

At the express question of this journalist, the experts recognized risks in the legislative process, especially if there is no unity among Democrats, but they claimed to have a plan B that they did not reveal to ensure any immigration modification that benefits an unknown number of undocumented immigrants.

The Democrats take as a basis, among others, economic analysis on immigration of the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the Center for Global Migration of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), which establishes four scenarios for the American economy if citizenship is approved for undocumented immigrants.

Considering the projection of the activists, the economic analysis indicates that citizenship for essential workers, at least five million undocumented, would boost the GDP to $ 989,000 million in 10 years and would create 203,200 new jobs, in addition to the salary increase in five years would be the same as in the previous scenarios, but in ten years it would reach $ 11,800 dollars, coupled with the fact that the salary for all other American workers would increase by $ 300 dollars annually.

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