Monday, August 2

Impeachment to Trump: what it means for him, for Biden and for the United States

  • Anthony Zurcher
  • BBC correspondent in Washington DC


A heavily guarded Capitol was the scene of Trump’s second impeachment.

Exactly a week after the security forces had to defend US congressmen from an angry mob, lawmakers gathered in the same chamber to impeach the mob-backed president.

Is the first time in America’s 231-year history that a president has been subjected to two political trials in the same period, undoubtedly an ignominious end for a president who likes to boast of the historic successes of his presidency.

The only article of the impeachment accuses President Donald Trump of news incitesdo to the riots that erupted in the US Capitol after he addressed thousands of his supporters at a rally near the White House on Wednesday morning, January 6.

The indictment will now be referred to the Senate and its 100 members will once again serve as jurors in a political trial presided over by the Chief Justice

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