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Important notice from the DGT for drivers with glasses or contact lenses

Almost 80% of drivers in Spain use glasses or contact lenses / ABC

Not respecting the regulations for drivers with visual problems can lead to fines of up to €6,000

The new “Traffic Law” of the DGThas brought with it many novelties plus some reminders of laws that not all drivers were aware of. One of the issues about which users are least informed is regarding the
obligation to carry spare prescription glasses in the vehicle.

The regulations of the general regulation of drivers indicate that users at the wheel must use correct vision elements if they have any type of deficiency. In this sense, it should be remembered that a few years ago it was mandatory to carry spare glasses in the vehicle, although
currently the Law of the DGT does not require it, but it is still something advisable.

In fact,
If a user makes a journey without having their visual deficiencies corrected with glasses or contact lenses, they must stop walkingsince if you continue driving without perfect vision you will be putting your physical integrity and that of other users at risk.

However, it is normal for doubts to arise about
how is it possible for the road authorities to know if the driver needs to wear glasses or contact lenses. To do this, in case the agents want to know this circumstance, what they will do is request the documentation of the vehicle and the driver’s license, where believe it or not, it is possible to consult the visual deficiencies of the driver.

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Check the driver’s license

Back of driving license /


The first thing to keep in mind is that the driving license is divided into 14 points. In the reverse,
in point 12 —the last—, is where you can consult this information. If you don’t put anything, you don’t need anything. Nevertheless,
if the number 01.01 appears, it indicates that the user must wear glasses. In this case, if the driver is not wearing glasses he will face a penalty.

On the other hand, if this happens, the user will be able to allege that they are wearing contact lenses to see perfectly, something that the agents will not check if they stop the driver, since
The digits 01.02 will appear on the driver’s license, indicating that this person is a contact lens wearer and, most importantly, that you can drive with them. By last,
if 01.06 appears it means that the driver can wear both glasses and contact lenses.

And it is that suffering from these visual defects is quite common.
Almost 80% of the population in Spain has some visual problem and even 30% of Spaniards suffer from at least two vision problems and 14% three. That is why those affected should bear in mind that
there is a list of diseases incompatible with driving and that ignoring this regulation can lead to fines of up to €6,000.

Recommendations for drivers with glasses or contact lenses

Driver with glasses /


As mentioned above, wearing glasses or contact lenses while driving is very common in Spain. That is why a large number of users use these alternatives to correct their visual defects, such as myopia or astigmatism, and thus be able to drive. In this way,
The DGT has recently reminded drivers that several factors must be taken into account when driving with glasses or contact lenses:

Wear glasses or contact lenses to get the best vision behind the wheel.

— If you have problems seeing up close, it is necessary to
wear progressive glasses to better observe the information on the vehicle dashboard.

Do not take the car if you have taken any medication that can alter vision.

It is recommended to always wear sunglasses that avoid excess light and make driving more comfortable. In addition, it is recommended that they be graduated in case the user has some type of visual deficiency.

– As far as possible
it is advisable to avoid driving at night, in bad weather or at times of day with reduced visibilityas well as little-known and very crowded routes.

If the user’s pupils have dilated due to an ophthalmological check-up, avoid driving while the effect lasts.

– It is necessary
drive at a moderate speed since increasing the speed reduces the field of vision.

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