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In an act of political realism, Lasso decides not to be a candidate

Either because the polls gave him such low acceptance figures that his name appeared in the last places or because he preferred to govern more calmly until November when he must hand over power to the new ruler, the president of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso decided not participate in early elections to which the country will go as a consequence of the “cross death” that he decreed, last May, when he dissolved the National Assembly (Congress) of 137 legislators, while he remained governing with decrees, as mandated by the Constitution of the Republic.

Lasso’s decision not to participate in a new election, announced on the afternoon of this Friday, June 2, at a press conference called with little notice and which was attended by the entire Cabinet and his family, did not cause surprise in the political and economic sectors in which the political weakness of the Government is known to face a campaign that is expected to be hard-fought; but between his followers and those close to power who persuaded him to participate in the elections that the National Electoral Council (CNE) has called for next August 20.

For the former Vice President of Ecuador León Roldós, Lasso’s decision is the right one since, although more than 80% of the country applauded the decision to dissolve Congress, that did not mean support for the President of the Republic. “He has acted with great serenity because he had many temptations for him to be a candidate,” he told ABC. Along the same lines, but more forcefully, the director of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO), Felipe Burbano de Lara, spoke for whom Lasso has made a decision in tune with his political reality, due to the low acceptance it has his government and for the recognition that his candidacy had no prospect of growing.

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After dissolving Congress last May, thus avoiding a probable impeachment in the impeachment that the opposition majority followed him for alleged embezzlement, Lasso traveled to Houston for surgery; there he stayed for a week after which he returned to Ecuador but immediately traveled to Brazil for the Summit of Presidents of South America called by the president Lula Da Silva; Upon his return to the country, on Wednesday the 31st, a survey commissioned by his government would have shown the few real possibilities that his candidacy would have a good destiny. It is there when he would have decided not to risk losing an election, although his political movement Creating Opportunities I CREO It is urgent to have its own candidate for the Presidency and thus manage to bring some parliamentarians to the National Assembly; but until today there are no names with good electoral possibilities.

political turmoil

Ecuador is experiencing complex political and social moments; On the one hand, the parties and movements are getting ready to register their candidates (so far there are already some seven presidential candidates), while the State Attorney General, Diana Salazarwhose determination to investigate led the court to sentence former President Correa, former Vice President Jorge Glas, various ministers and high-ranking Correísmo officials, and also has former President Lenin Moreno, who resides in Paraguay, about to be sentenced; In recent days he has been the target of death threats, while organizations such as the National Council of the Judiciary and the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control are investigating her and want to punish her for alleged administrative misconduct. As if that were not enough, the violence linked to organized crime does not stop and there are deaths on a daily basis. To complete, scientific reports forecast an intense El Niño phenomenon, against which special precautions are being taken in the coastal region.

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