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“In Moto3 there are no more deaths of pure miracle”

  • The 24-year-old Spanish-Argentine pilot assures that “it is time to make the leap to M2 because M3 has become too dangerous a category”

  • Rodrigo, who believes that slip-ups increase the risk, affirms that “there are young riders who believe that the prize for risking their lives is a place in MotoGP”

He is the faithful of the balance. Neither child nor older. He has enough experience (he’s been in the World Cup for eight years) and has run enough grand prizes (116) to ensure that children should better measure their courage and recommend that we try to place Moto3 at the same risk point of Moto2 and MotoGP.

Gabri Rodrigo (Barcelona, ​​1996), Catalan with Argentine roots, whose flag defends in the Small Displacement World CupHe has begun to have respect for him, not fear, “more than I ever thought he would have”, for Moto3, that is why he is happy to have already signed his new contract, next year, to make the leap to Moto2 .

I notice you are seriously concerned about the latest deaths. Like everyone right? For a couple of years, but especially this season, I have suffered a great contradiction. I think that everyone in the World Cup, organizers, circuits, brands, equipment, drivers, we are doing the impossible to make the races as safe as possible, but it is absurd to ignore that we practice an extremely dangerous sport, risky, contact and, for Therefore, we will never prevent falls, accidents and deaths. Never. To that observation of gratitude to everyone’s effort, this year we have added bad luck. We have had very bad luck and a series of factors have come together that have led to three deaths in a row that has increased the alarm that we all have incorporated, latent, assumed, in our heads. It is the first time that I feel that my sport is more dangerous than I thought.

And are you afraid? No, no, never. Nobody here is afraid. If you are afraid, you become paralyzed, you cannot get on the motorcycle. Also, if you did, you would be a danger to your teammates. We have assumed the risk, the danger, since we were children. It’s almost the first thing you learn and internalize. No, no, what happens is that we have taken the Moto3 category, the one that serves as a springboard to the others, the one in which young people start and fight to make a place in MotoGP, see, that’s another problem, everyone wants get there right now! sooner! MotoGP, and it is a division so equal, so much, at a technical and motorcycle level, that to stand out there are those who decide to add more risk, courage, courage, irresponsibility, unconsciousness, than others. And, sometimes, those cravings, that excess, cause accidents, falls.

It is clear that when you watch a Moto3 race, the feeling of danger is permanent. Look, I will say it in a good tone, but it is how I feel: in Moto3 there are no more deaths of pure miracle. It has become a very dangerous category and I already want to escape from it and make the leap to Moto2. It all started with a very logical proposal: it was official motorcycles, from the factory, in Moto3, a promotion category, and thus we equalize the grid. Perfect, those missiles carried by Maverick (Viñales) or Rins (Álex) are over, for giving two names, not for criticizing them, please! And we increase equality and the fight. But that equality and, above all, the tremendous ability that whoever does not run as much or is so good can grab the slipstream to be in front has made the races be in groups, of up to 20 riders, and the risk is tremendous. It was fair, yes, that we all ran with the same equipment, but no one thought about the consequences of that equality, which is more risk, danger, falls and, above all, accidents.

And some unconscious children. Look, I won’t be the one to point out anyone. We all make mistakes. When the races are in a group, when you, without being the fastest or the most expert, but the youngest, the most daring, the one with the least to lose or the most rogue to live forever in the slipstream and manage to rub shoulders with the good ones, with the fast ones, you are buying numbers to cause an accident. And they are always unwanted, unintentionally. I repeat: for how we go, for how we run, for the type of races we star in, few things happen, really.

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The danger is that you will be run over. That is the danger of Moto3. Why? Well, because in Moto2 and MotoGP the group immediately opens up, it stretches. At most, the first three laps of MotoGP have a similar danger, but then the good guys, the ones with the pace, leave, bye. In MotoGP, you take a second, I no longer tell you two, and they no longer catch you. In Moto3, it is impossible to take even five tenths. And, when you have them, between curve and curve, which for us is a straight, especially if you catch a slipstream, you catch anyone, anyone! If the possibility of slip-outs disappeared, I don’t know, if we ran without fairings, the risk would drop tremendously. And I confess that I do not know how we can reduce the danger in Moto3, I have no idea for more things that have been commented. When someone falls in front of you and we come in droves, it is a miracle not to run over or get run over.

“It is impossible or very difficult, but if we eliminated the slipstream we would greatly reduce the risk of serious accidents in M3”

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I see that you do not blame the youngest for taking more risk than necessary. We are in a category of training, promotion and, above all, let’s not forget it, in a championship, that of Moto3, where we all seek our lives to shine and deserve a place in Moto2 or MotoGP. And, if the bikes are the same and / or the slips allow you to be with the best, there are those who decide that the only way to make a difference is to risk more than you should. If it can be. There has been something that has caused this aggressiveness or desire to increase: the riders who manage to get into MotoGP are getting younger and younger and some even skip the Moto2 learning period and, of course, everyone wants to go to MotoGP. I repeat, I am not criticizing it, everyone knows the risk they are taking but, sometimes, I have the feeling that the youngest people believe that the prize at stake is MotoGP.

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It is seen that, in Moto3, more and more luck is needed to avoid the accident, the injury, the death. Well yes, unfortunately it is. That is why I say that I do not know what the solution is. There is no choice but to start as a child, as a young man, with small motorcycles, you cannot make Moto3 600cc motorcycles, it makes no sense at 16 years old. And, if you did it in the World Cup, the only thing you would do is move the danger to the national championships, that is, you would remove it from the television screen. And, regarding luck, I will tell you that all, all, of us, in all, all, training sessions and races, have seen, suffered and starred individual and collective falls, where nothing has happened. But where you have put your hands to your head and then at night you have thought ‘he could have killed me’. That is luck. The fall the other day in Austin was chilling! and none of the four pilots scratched themselves. Other times, with less, with much less, you break five bones or kill yourself.

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