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In pursuit of beauty, woman nearly lost her upper lip after failed filler injection

Waitress really wanted to have fuller lips and in a failed surgery she was about to lose a lip.

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What would be a simple lip augmentation ended in tragedy for a young woman who almost lost her upper lip after filler injections will turn out to be a nightmare because they accidentally inserted it into an artery in his face.

Chandra Morton, 26, of Johnson City, Tennessee, said that after cosmetic treatment his face changed color and white blisters began to appear due to vascular occlusion, which occurs when oxygen flow to the area is blocked.

The young waitress claims that has lost a small piece of his upper lip, but says she’s thankful a doctor helped her fix the problem before she lost even more of her lip to necrosis.

Chandra detailed that she had always been insecure about the way her upper lip looked so she decided to use lip fillers.

“Many people have had lip surgery and I thought it would be fine. I really wanted to have fuller lips”, he commented.

The young woman said that after finishing the procedure her lips felt so numb and began to turn white. Subsequently, the color of his face changed and more and more white blisters continued to appear.

I was absolutely terrified and in a lot of painChandra said.

She also reported that after checking her, they told her that if she had waited one more day, she would have lost her entire upper lip due to necrosis.

In March 2021, Chandra saved up for a month to have the $750 procedure.

Chandra, what ofdecided not to name the doctor who performed the procedure said that when he saw how bad it was he got scared and told him that in 12 years of stuffing, he had never seen anything like it.

The young woman claims that the phone call worried her as the doctor revealed that she would probably need to have it dissolved, so she decided to call other clinics for a second opinion, and after sending an email with photos, she was told to see her again. righ now.

“A doctor from a different clinic told me that I had a vascular occlusion and that it could have necrosis”.

She finally went back to the doctor who applied the filler and injected hyaluronic acid to correct the damage. “The doctor finally corrected his mistakes and after also going to the trauma room, they told me that thankfully I didn’t need to use a hyperbaric tank, and they gave me numbing cream and medication to help with the scarring.”

“A small piece of my lip fell off and I still have some scars around my lips, but it’s a reminder to never put anything on my face again.”

Chandra adds that the doctor kept in touch with her for two months to make sure everything was okay, he took care of her and tried to do things correctly.

Now, the young woman calls to raise awareness about this type of aesthetic procedures.

“I’m not trying to scare people, I just want to raise awareness about the risks of having filler injected into your face.” “I will never do something like this again,” he concludes.

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