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“In Spain we are ashamed to explain our achievements”



-Hey, Pilar, they say that because you are young you are poor, a victim and an idiot.

-I don’t know who will say it, I don’t. We have everything. I am sure that the millionaires of past times would pay to be poor today: they would live better and with better benefits.

-They also say that you are the first generation to live worse than your parents.

-We have had a better childhood, more comforts. But logically it costs an effort to maintain them when you start working. They, at 30 years old, did not live like they are now at 70. Now we realize what they had to make an effort.

-When did you see that you were weird?

-It is true that what I do is not very normal. When I decided to switch from research to management, the scientists didn’t understand me much.

-Scientists, like poets, do not understand the company.

-Precisely for this reason it was fortunate that I liked the field of management, the double profile opened a range of opportunities for me.

-Biomedical research.

-Yes, I came from there. And I began to dedicate myself to helping scientists to give business form to their research; to make what they found useful and real.

-You help scientists.

-To create science-based companies that are successful in the market. We just launched the Catapull program. First we explain what it is to undertake. Among the projects that are presented, we accelerate six, taking them against the business. And we help them in the management and in the financial plan.

-Madrid Science Park.

-We are a public entity created to promote innovative scientific and technological entrepreneurship.

-Some scientists still believe that the business is brutalizing.

-What better way to contribute than to solve real problems.

-He who investigates, contributes.

-To be able to see with your eyes how it is sold and applied is very relevant.

-Being rich is a sin in Spain.

-If your company is successful and makes you rich, so much the better. In the same way, if a scientist transfers his technology and becomes rich, then much better too. I do not see the problem.

-The current process.

-In Spain we have a very powerful investigation. What we do so far is transferring knowledge and in return they pay us royalties.

-What you propose.

-Create the company that exploits this knowledge. Create this ecosystem as a sector of the economy so that we not only rely on tourism and construction. Until now, everything we investigate has been exported, instead of consolidating it in Spain. We do not capitalize on our great knowledge in patents.

-Before directing the Madrid Science Park, he directed the Barcelona one.

-There are more possibilities in Madrid but there are no worse professionals in Barcelona. The park in Barcelona is much larger and my organization chart was much more hierarchical.

-And what is the difference then?

-In Madrid the Park is open to many sectors. In Barcelona it is more focused on life sciences.

-Does politics matter or is it irrelevant in these matters?

-It matters a lot. The Madrid City Council helps us a lot, as Manuela Carmena helped us in her day.


-Ada Colau is also now financing a large-scale acceleration project at the Science Park.

-The innovation.

-There is no other: and whoever does not understand it, is out.

-Scientists complain about the poor public investment in Science.

– We are very far from the objectives.

-The rich countries are the ones that invest the most in this.

– The countries that die of hunger, I understand that they have other priorities, but it is not the case of Spain.

-The R&D does not sell.

-Research and discovery are a timeless race and political cycles are short.

-State Pact.

-It’s essential. We have very good doctors, very well trained, and knowledge is global and transfers very quickly. It is a pity that instead we have a healthcare system with so few resources.

-The fact that the service is free does not mean that the network has to be public.

-The private doctors are reference doctors in the public. If you have a name in the private sector, it is because you have a career in the public sector. In Spain, private clinics are based on the public one.

-So we are well?

-What you have to do is professionalize public management. Analyze the processes and see what is wrong.

-The public does not compete. And without competition there is no improvement.

-I work in a public foundation with private clients and I understand and understand the competition perfectly. But it is true that the Administration’s first priority should be to improve the functioning of the structures that it already has in place.

-The private is more efficient.

-Because the public is sometimes not well managed and responds to not only economic indicators.

-Whatever it is.

-It is difficult to fight a giant. Changing mindsets is very difficult.

-It is that I am right.

-I think it is worth trying to remove the straw that slows down.

-I’m telling you even more: being inefficient is stealing.

-One thing is not optimizing enough and the other is taking it raw.

-No one steals as much as laziness and incompetence.

-We can streamline organizations that are too stagnant.

-It costs you to sell.

-Scientists are the ones who find it most difficult to sell ourselves. We sell very badly. Society does not ‘buy us’.


-In Germany, a doctor is very proud of the ‘Dr.’ in the mailbox.

-And in Spain?

-We are ashamed to explain our achievements. If you do, you are arrogant.

– Abroad Spanish scientists have a lot of prestige.

-The good image abroad is due to the results that we give and explain, among scientists more accustomed to talking about their achievements.

-Hasn’t the Covid changed this?

-A little, but no. Compared to advanced societies, scientists in Spain have little social recognition.


  • Jorge García, developer of the E-sports business: «Working is more important than playing»
  • Manuel Sierra, co-founder of Hemper: «Donating is not the most effective way to help»
  • Alberto Herrera, businessman and communicator: «I never thought I would do radio and less being Carlos’s son»
  • Enrique Riquelme, founder of Cox Energy: “When the market works, governments are not necessary”
  • Manuel Marina, co-founder of Idoven: «Training a doctor is expensive and you cannot be reading Holters»
  • Yaiza Canosa, founder of Goi: “The big question is how do we avoid fools?”
  • Javi Domingo, cartoonist: «You can’t be so naive. Without bad milk there is no art »
  • Àlex Agulló, businessman: «Luxury is personality and that is why it is such a minority»
  • Cristina Mayor-Ruiz, scientist and researcher: «We have great doctors but very little investment in Science»
  • Ignacio Catalá, Civil Administrator of the State and deputy in the CAM: «Opposing goes of constancy. I studied eleven hours a day »

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