Sunday, December 4

In the American plutocracy, the Democratic left has it difficult

We have seen this in the recent elections for governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the result of which many interpret as a warning to Joe Biden’s party to move away from the agenda set by the progressive sector.

As if the triumph in that state of the Republican candidate had something to do with the supposed leftist drift of the Democratic Party or of President Joe Biden himself!

The so-called reference media in that country blame the progressive wing for insisting on economic reforms that, according to them, the people do not want.

But is it really what the citizens do not want or what is repugnant to the party’s powerful donors, on whom its leaders depend for their election or re-election?

The question is who the Democratic Party serves in the background: the working people who pay their taxes or Wall Street and the big corporations, who not only influence the legislation but also avoid their obligations to the Treasury as much as they can.

The Democrats that the press calls “moderates” criticize the fact that the most left sector of the party insists on the full fulfillment of the program that Biden promised in the race to the White House: the one baptized in English as “Build back better plan” (“ Rebuild Better ”).

Plan designed, among other things, to cover the shortcomings of years of neglect of infrastructures, to invest in education and high-quality jobs through adequate training of workers, to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and achieve emission neutrality of CO2 by 2035.

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Senator Sanders, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the party’s left accuse Biden of submission to two of those “moderates” – Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema – who could be perfectly in the Republican Party.

Manchin, a senator from West Virginia and former governor of that same state, who is supported by the oil and coal industry, is in charge of nothing less than environmental legislation.

And both he and Sinema, a senator from Arizona, can with their votes cause the Democrats to lose a vote in that chamber: they are even 50 seats with the Republicans, and only the vice president, Kamala Harris, could break the tie.

That gives them enormous blackmail power to demand that their party lower the ambition of many of the progressive proposals included in Biden’s initial plan.

Thus, for example, this plan initially envisaged investments of 3,500 million million in ten years, an amount that in the meantime has been reduced by half to try to satisfy the two rebel senators.

It is significant in the thinking of a would-be Democrat like Manchin that he called Biden’s plan an “anti-corporate” move to “subsidize people who don’t work.”

Under pressure from the most conservative wing of the party, the Democrats have forgotten many other of their electoral promises, among them the free for two years of the so-called “community colleges” (secondary universities) or the cancellation of the multimillion-dollar student debt. top grade.

They have also added to the initial plan a reduction of the property tax totaling 450,000 million dollars that will benefit the richest as always and they have given up on requiring the pharmaceutical sector to lower the prices of many drugs as promised.

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The Democratic leadership, which twice went to great lengths to remove Bernie Sanders from the presidential race, appears to have concluded that if donors are treated badly with tax measures that are not in their favor, the own electoral possibilities of the party. That has only one name: plutocracy.

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