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In which cases you have to activate the emergency lights in a traffic jam

Is it mandatory to activate the emergency lights when you are approaching a traffic jam while driving on a road? Let’s see what the law says about it…

You are driving on the road and the cars ahead of you start to brake. You approach a hold and instinctively put the warning. But are you doing the right thing? Is it mandatory to activate the emergency lights in a traffic jam?

When you activate the hazard lights, the four blinkers at once. The objective is to make your vehicle more visible so that others are aware of its presence, while at the same time alerting you to the occurrence of any anomalous traffic situation.

V16 flash light: take note of this name because it will be one of the most listened to in the coming months with the entry into force of the new roadside assistance standard.

Emergency lights: what the standard says

The question is: when should you use the emergency lights? What does the legislation say about it?

The use of emergency lights (or warning) is covered by the Article 109 of the Traffic Regulations.

This says, verbatim, that “the driver must warn by means of optical signals any maneuver that involves a lateral or backward displacement of his vehicle, as well as its purpose of immobilizing it or slowing it down considerably”.

Now, the same article includes two important nuances:

  1. “The intention to immobilize the vehicle or slow down its progress considerably, even when such events come imposed by traffic circumstancesit should be warned, whenever possible, by the repeated use of the brake lights or by moving the arm alternately up-down with short and rapid movements”
  2. “When the immobilization takes place in a motorway or expressway, or in places or circumstances that significantly reduce visibility, the presence of the vehicle must be signaled by using the emergency light, if available, and, where appropriate, with the position lights”.
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Mandatory in traffic jams?

Based on this, we answer the question we raised at the beginning: Is the use of emergency lights mandatory in a traffic jam?

It is always necessary to warn of the proximity of a traffic jam with the repeated use of the brake light; Once the vehicle has stopped, it will be when we activate the emergency lights.

And another question: can you be fined if you don’t use them? In this case the answer is no; The legislation does not contemplate sanctions for those who slow down or stop in a traffic jam and do not warn of their position with the emergency lights.

What is considered a minor offense is not activating the four intermittent or warning lights on highways or motorways to indicate that the car is immobilized. That is, if you stop and do not turn on the emergency lights, you can be fined 80 euros, which can be reduced to 40 euros with prompt payment.

This article was published in Autobild by Noelia López.

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