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Iñaki Urdangarin is already a free man

Urdangarin leaves the Vitoria-based Imaz&Asociados office where he has been working for a year. / EP

Penitentiary Surveillance grants him parole and definitively suspends his sentence of almost 6 years for the ‘Nóos case’

Iñaki Urdangarin is a free man since yesterday. The Penitentiary Surveillance Court, located in Bilbao, has granted him conditional release which, in practice, definitively suspends his sentence of 5 years and 10 months for various economic crimes. In this way, the still brother-in-law of King Felipe VI will be able to move without any restriction and without giving any account to those responsible for the Alava prison of Zaballa, on which he depended for a year.

Conditional release is granted once three-quarters of the sentence has been served and “exceptionally” upon reaching two-thirds of the sentence imposed by a court. As Urdangarin began his prison journey on June 18, 2018 in Brieva (Ávila), the second assumption has been applied to him, as this newspaper has learned from judicial sources.

The petition came from the Treatment Board. But the last decision has corresponded to the magistrate Ruth Alonso, at the head of Penitentiary Surveillance. In her resolution, the good behavior of the ex of the Infanta Cristina, his employment as a consultant in the Vitorian firm Imaz & Asociados and having passed a pioneering program for prisoners for economic crimes called Pideco, have weighed. Just over 70 convicts throughout Spain have completed it.

He was sentenced for embezzlement, prevarication, fraud against the Administration, two tax crimes and influence peddling. In these 3 years and 9 months that have passed under the umbrella of Penitentiary Institutions and, since October, of the Basque Government, the former handball international has passed through several states.

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It started in the Brieva prison in Avila, with no more prisoners in the facility. In January of last year he moved to the Alcalá de Henares Social Insertion Center, where he only spent the night. Shortly after, on March 1, he entered the Zaballa prison in Alava, 15 kilometers from Vitoria and from the house of his mother, Claire Liebaert.

He spent four nights a week in a cell of 13 square meters in the residential module for inmates in an open regime and the remaining three, in the family home where he spent his adolescence. In between, he worked as a consultant in Vitoria.

Future in Barcelona?

At the end of June he entered the third grade. She began to sleep every day in the urbanization of her family. He passed “regular” telephone and face-to-face checks. He also had to report on each trip. It transpired that he visited Geneva, Barcelona and, more recently, the French town of Bidart with his new partner, Ainhoa ​​Armentia from Vitoria. His relationship with this co-worker meant his return to the front line of the gossip press and the official announcement of the “interruption of the marriage relationship” with his still-wife.

It is unknown if he will keep his office at Imaz & Asociados. Everything indicates that it will not be so. He has learned that he has started an unpaid internship as a coach in the handball section of Barcelona, ​​his former club.

“He has done as a ‘coaching’ coach and has to do some practices for a course of a month”, Enric Masip, former teammate of Urdangarin and current adviser to the president Joan Laporta, has recently detailed. Pablo, son of the former Duke of Palma, is a member of the ‘culé’ club’s subsidiary this season.

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