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Income Statement 2021: dates and everything you need to obtain and submit the draft online

we will explain everything you need to obtain and present the 2021 Income draftwhich is the campaign of the declaration that is presented in this 2022. It is a bit confusing that it is called 2021, but it is like that because it belongs to the last fiscal year, even though it has to be presented during this one.

We are going to divide the article into three parts. First of all, we will tell you everything you need to obtain and file your draft returnsince it’s not as simple as going on the web and doing it, and you’ll need things like a digital certificate to identify yourself. We will also tell you the dates of the procedures, and we will tell you how you can access the draft later.

What do you need to request the draft online

The first thing you will need to be able to carry out these procedures is to obtain your digital certificate. There are several types of digital certificate, but the one you will need is the one from the FNMT, which is one of the most useful and It will serve you for almost any management with public administrations. Its function is simply to be able to identify you as a person, as if it were your ID.

These are the steps you must follow to obtain it, and I have already warned you that it requires you to go through an office to pick it up by showing your ID. However, the process to request it is online, and that will help you save paperwork.

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Another alternative to be able to identify yourself in this and in other processes with the public administration is to register in the Cl@ve system. There are several processes to register in the cl@ve system, and one of them is without a digital certificate and doing it online. You will only need to go to this page of the tax agency and follow the steps that are indicated.

Once you have one of these methods to identify yourself on the pages of the public administration, before launching yourself into the draft, it is advisable to review your tax data online. These are the data used by the Treasury to generate your draftso you should review them to make sure everything is correct.

Lastly, you also need obtain your reference number to make arrangements in the Income campaign. You have the option on the Income 2021 campaign website, and you will need to identify yourself with your digital certificate or your DNI to access it. This number is unique or personal, so you will need to write it down in a place where you do not lose sight of it.

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Dates of the 2021 Income campaign


On the website of the tax agency you have a calendar of Income 2021, which helps you to know when each of the procedures begins and how long it will last. In this way, you can organize yourself so that you may not do it at first, but you will not miss the date either.

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You can request the draft and submit your tax return from April 6 of this 2022. It is the beginning of the official web process. On May 3, you can start requesting an appointment for telephone service, and from May 26 you can make an appointment for face-to-face service and do everything at the corresponding Treasury office.

The 2021 Income campaign will end on June 30, so you should try to make sure you have everything ready and submitted before that deadline. As you can see, you will have several weeks of time to organize yourself and do it.

How to request the draft later


Once you have everything you need, all you have to do is wait for the campaign to start through the web to request the draft and, if all is well, be able to use it to file your return. You will have the option to access the draft on the 2021 Income campaign website.

Here, everything will depend on whether you are able to review everything on your own and have the necessary knowledge. If you are not clear, it is best to ask the Tax Agency or an advisor for help, since using incorrect data can lead to sanctions by the Tax Agency. When you are viewing the draft, you will have a button to submit it as a return.

Income 2021: how to access your tax data to prepare the declaration for this 2022

Here, remember that if you want to make changes to the draft, you have a simulator available with which you can see how the results of these changes look. This way, you can test everything you need in the simulator before getting serious with the draft.

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