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Increase in coronavirus cases in the United States: the CDC recommendations for Christmas and New Years

Many people have had to cancel end of year festivities Due to the pandemic, others have modified them and have ingenious so as not to lose the opportunity to celebrate with yours.

But in recent weeks the cases have gone on increase. For this reason the CDC had given recommendations precise to avoid contagion during these dates and thus preserve personal health and that of the environment.

Meet only those who are at home

This is the recommendation Safer. It is true that during this time the reunion of the whole family is usually special, but the best thing to avoid contagion is to limit the meeting to those who live in the house.

Another suggestion the CDC makes to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is that the meetings be from virtual form. For many the physical presence is essential, but considering that the Contact is a form of contagion, the safest thing is to maintain the distance.

This is another point they suggest. At the meeting, keep a distance of 6 pies, use the mask, wash your hands and clean common contact areas.

Christmas covid
It is recommended that during the holiday you resort to making video calls with loved ones. Source: Pexels

Meetings in open places

Because the sites closed may be conducive to contagion, the meeting could be held in a place open or semi-open. You can also graduate the system of ventilation so that the air circulates constantly.

Regarding the use of masks, it should only be removed at the time of comer, yes, keeping the due distance between diners. It is recommended not sing O shout. That is why it is essential to have the music in a volume suitable so you don’t have to.

If guests come

Although ideally the festivity is celebrated with members who live in the same home, in cases where there is guests Several considerations must be taken into account.

First, inform of the number of infections in the zone where do you live. The distance It also counts since in the trip could have risk contagion.

On the other hand, we must take into account the restrictions travel and circulation, both in the area where the meeting will be held and in the place of origin of the visitor.

If possible, have the person do the virus detection test before travelling. In case it turns out positive, That abstain and stay in your place of residence.

Preventive measures

In the case of people who come on a trip, they should make sure to use All the sizes prevention: masks, gloves and gel with alcohol.

You have to demand the use required of the mask, that everyone keep a distance of 6 feet and most importantly, and it may be the most difficult, avoid hugs and kisses.

Make sure that each guest has their own kit of hand sanitizer. But at home you also have to keep a supply of soap and disposable towels.

It is preferable to spend Christmas and New Years with the most close, whether family or companions housing, to prevent the number of contagion keep increasing.

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