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Increasing demand for professional transport drivers

High demand for jobs in the area of ​​truck driving

High demand for jobs in the area of ​​truck driving

In recent years, Spain has witnessed a high demand for jobs in the area of ​​the driving of trucks, especially accentuated in this last year due to confinement and the pandemic when online sales increased.

All this requires having professional drivers of this type of vehicle. Due to this reality, the obtaining of the pertinent professional driving licenses to carry out this task has increased. The same goes for the permissions of bus, trailer or dangerous goods, opting with them to expand the professional curriculum and increase job opportunities.

It should be noted that the tasks of a truck driver do not end with the driving of the vehicle and the optimal and safe transport of the goods, but must also keep the vehicle in good condition and try to make the most of the time of delivery and fuel, not only to save costs, but also to reduce CO2 emissions.

Professional driving licenses

If you want to dedicate yourself to professional transportation, Leycar Driving Schools, who has been training in Alicante in 1982, facilitates the way in the training of road transport of goods and passengers. For this, it makes available to its students the most expert teachers to obtain the permits of the class C (referring to the transport of goods) and D (referring to travelers), with him CAP (certificate of Professional Aptitude), which is mandatory for all those who must drive vehicles of companies established in any member state of the European Union. This formation is obligatory for certain professional drivers, so it is currently important to obtain this qualification for the job development of a freight or passenger company.

CAP must be renewed every 5 years

In addition, the courses CAP are approved by the Ministry of Development, either initial or continuing training. This type of card does not expire but does have a period of renewal, which must be done every 5 years. In addition, working without having this accreditation is a reason for sanction. Currently, companies engaged in the transport of goods and travelers require it to enter the labor market.

It should be noted that the CAP aims to improve road safety and driver safety, even during actions carried out by the driver with the vehicle stationary. And also ensure that drivers can respond to new demands within the framework of EU law to regulate merchandise.

In addition, Leycar Driving Schools teaches forklift courses to work in any warehouse and carry out loading and unloading operations; reach truck and pallet truck, as well as the course of dangerous goods, which has become one of the most demanded permits for the working market since many companies request professionals who are trained in this area.

The center offers bonus courses through the Tripartite Foundation and makes available to its students its job to help them find work in the most economical way.

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