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Indecent healing? – Information

File - A nurse prepares the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine against COVID-19.

File – A nurse prepares the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine against COVID-19.
Isaac Buj – Europa Press – Archive

In 2006, the current Torrevieja Hospital was inaugurated under the management of a union of private companies: “Ribera Salud” for a period of 15 years, and then passed to the public sector. In February 2020 the citizen platform «Excellent Health» was born based on the news that emerged about the reversion of the hospital to the public health system. A month later, the Covid 19 pandemic arrived. The Torrevieja City Council launched the “Torrevieja Resiliente” portal, an open window to overcome the disaster produced by the Covid for as soon as possible, to recover normality. A server participated by posting some cultural articles on the web in the “Stay at home” section.

The website was a gallery of multimedia resources to take advantage of the time we had to spend at home because of the long-term confinement until June.

The joy was brief, in September the epidemic flared up again, a third outbreak gave a high number of new cases, perhaps due to mobility, grouping and detachment on the Christmas holidays. And here my story begins.

In January 2021, the number of covid patients had increased. I was one of his victims. On the night of January 6, I began to have a high fever, which I reported the next morning – Thursday to my family doctor, Elena Novichkova, who suggested by phone that I take paracetamol tablets throughout the weekend. On Monday the 11th, in the morning I called her again, the fever continued and I began to have episodes of fatigue, informing me that there were no ambulances available due to the high demand.

The Torrevieja Hospital is forced to double the capacity of the Covid plant and suspends surgeries with admission. The center assumes 55 hospitalized and 12 in the ICU with coronavirus, eliminating the individual rooms on floor 0 to accommodate more patients.

Faced with my deterioration, I decide to go to the Quirón Clinic where they immediately, effectively and quickly, perform tests and a radiographic film that resulted in bilateral pneumonia, an almost unequivocal symptom of having an infection caused by the coronavirus. They recommend – to avoid high expenses that I go to my referral hospital: the Torrevieja University Hospital.

In a hospital emergency room, in a crowded room, I wait patiently for the “selecting nurse” who calls and asks me about the reason for my going there. I try to explain to him and show him the report and result that had been given to me at the Chiron, not even glancing at it. He takes my blood pressure and temperature “settling in” in the general lobby waiting room. My dyspnea was increasing, and my wife had to ask me to connect oxygen glasses.

At 7:48 p.m. they do a chest X-ray and, at 8 in the afternoon, a doctor from the Emergency Service visits me, to whom I also showed the Quirón Clinic report, reprimanding me why I haven’t been admitted there. To which I replied that my referral hospital is this and not Chiron, and that in a week without having any examination I have worsened, without any therapeutic results with the treatment received. He told me that all the tests would have to be repeated, not deigning to read anything in the report he was carrying. At 8 o’clock in the afternoon they had not done a blood test, nor had they taken a peripheral line, nor had they prescribed any medication … Nor, of course, had they taken a sample for PCR to diagnose the infection caused by the coronavirus.

They had not asked me what chronic diseases I suffered from (type 1 diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and obesity; I have not even had a glucose test.

Things are not going well. On January 13, I was admitted to the Covid plant, in room number 035, in the slang of the game called “Hell”, where I was admitted until February 11 that I received the medical discharge from Julio César Blázquez Encinar, Head of Internal Medicine at the Hospital, whom I have to describe as an exceptional doctor who even gave his personal telephone number to relatives of those admitted there to offer them information. My severity persisted for many days with oxygen saturations that came down to 82%, the limit of survival, being several times on the verge of being intubated and admitted to the ICU. I lost 18 kilos and muscle mass. I didn’t even have the strength to stand up. With great efforts I have managed to recover.

A separate chapter is the subject of vaccination where the indications on doses and types of vaccine are contradicted. Contradicting my primary school doctor, Elena Novichkova; that Pfizer or Moderna told me; the nurse Miguel Martínez Cano who proposed the AstraZeneca; the Ministry of Health that, given the chronic pathologies that I suffer, indicates to me the Pfizer or Moderna. The doctor Juan Castellano, last Thursday, tried to force the administration of AstraZeneca; and, finally, María José Ruiz Egea, nurse coordinator at the “vaccinodrome” installed in the Leisure Center for the Elderly and a member of the Torrevieja Hospital Company Committee, administered the Pfizer to me.

You judge if it is not unseemly, dishonest, shameless, inappropriate and immoral in this “Indecent Healing” that does not care how many times one has to go begging for the necessary vaccine; And that’s what I say: “What doesn’t work is changed.”

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