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Independence of Mexico: what are the most traditional Mexican dishes to celebrate it

One of the most iconic and special celebrations for Mexicans are the national holidays: on September 15 the Grito de Dolores is celebrated and on September 16 the Independence of Mexico. It is no secret to say that Mexican culture is recognized worldwide for its exceptional cuisine, full of colors, flavors, textures and wonderful local ingredients. Throughout the Mexican Republic, there are all kinds of culinary stories that have accompanied the tables of all Mexican families from generation to generation. These dishes reflect the immense cultural wealth of Mexicans and have become one of their most valuable inheritances.

The truth is that the Independence of Mexico is a party in which snacks and a succulent range of Mexican dishes are the star guest. Without a doubt, today we have the perfect pretext to cofind out more about the most emblematic traditional dishes of Mexican pride.

1. Pozole

Probably one of the most representative dishes of September 15, which in fact is not missing in any table is the pozole. It is one of the most traditional soups in Mexico, although in reality it is much more than a broth: it is a very complete meal. Throughout the Mexican Republic there are different versions according to the customs of each region, it can be red, white or green. What can not fail are the grains of hominy corn obtained from a type of corn called cacahuazintle, one of the most valued local ingredients, is also served with pork or chicken and colorful garnishes: lettuce, radish, onion, oregano, chili pepper, lemon and toast.

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Pozole. / Credit: Tono Balaguer / Canva

2. Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en nogada are simply one of the most emblematic dishes of Mexican gastronomya, especially of the celebrations related to the Independence of Mexico. It is said that they were invented in the convent of Santa Mónica for the visit of Agustín de Iturbide to Puebla in 1821. Among its curious data it is known that it is a plate that symbolizes the independence of Mexico and is composed of the colors of the Mexican flag: red, white and green. They are prepared with the famous poblano chili, a fairly large and slightly spicy variety, the truth is that it is a dish that is a worthy representative of Mexican gastronomy at an international level due to the delicacy of its flavors and its striking presentation. It is characterized by its exquisite filling made with a pork and / or beef stew, accompanied by fruits such as banana, apple, pear or peach, while the sauce that covers it is made from walnuts. When serving, the plate is decorated with parsley and pomegranate to represent the colors of the Mexican flag.

Chile en nogada./Foto: Shutterstock

3. Enchiladas

Nationally and internationally, enchiladas are simplement the star dish in every Mexican food restaurant therefore it is very normal to be familiar with its presentation and ingredients. However, its authentic and original stamp will only be found throughout the entire Mexican territory, it is a dish that consists of soft corn tortillas stuffed with beef, chicken, turkey or pork, and cheese. Much of its versatility is that it can be complemented with all kinds of sauces: red, green, beans, mole and pipianes, which make it a dish that suits all tastes. They are served with delicious garnishes such as cheese, cream, chili peppers and some fresh vegetables such as tomato, lettuce in thin strips, chopped onion or guacamole. Among the most incredible data about enchiladas, we can say that in each region or state they have a particular way of preparing them.

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Enchiladas./Foto: Shutterstock

4. Cottages

The boats are a iconic poblano street foodFor this reason, they are a worthy representative of Mexican snacks and are one of the most consumed dishes in the entire Mexican Republic. Its consistency is similar to toasts, it is thick fried tortillas topped with shredded meat, salsa, minced onion, and queso fresco. They are the perfect snack and it is very easy to find them in any corner and stall of Mexican snacks, the best of all is that they are very accessible and easy to prepare at home. The perfect aperitif to start the celebration of the Grito de Dolores, do not forget to accompany them with a tequila or a cold beer.

Chalupas with green and red sauce. / Photo: Reform Agency

5. Tamales

The tamale (from the Nahuatl tamalli, which means wrapped) is a generic name given to several dishes of indigenous origin and is one of the most emblematic foods of Mexican culture. They are everywhere and at all important celebrations. They are made with cooked corn dough wrapped in leaves of the cob or of the same corn plant, banana, maguey and others. They are spongy and very satiating, they also have the immense versatility of being filled with all kinds of local ingredients as are vegetables, meats, mole and sauces. Best of all, there are delicious sweet variants, they are inexpensive and a basic that simply cannot be missing from the table. They are accompanied by a very comforting drink also made from corn, the atole.

Tamales. /Foto: Shutterstock

6. Prepared toasts

Tostadas are a basic Mexican treat, they are corn tortillas fried to the degree that they become incredibly crispy and they have the great advantage of being accompanied with all kinds of garnishes. They are prepared with a bed of refried beans, and the most exquisite typical stews such as: chicken tinga, beef salpicón, potatoes with chorizo, rajas with cream, minced meat, leg and many more. They are served with sour cream, fresh cheese, avocado, and Mexican sauces. They are a very practical alternative for large tables, and they suit all tastes.

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Tostadas. /Foto: Shutterstock

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