Tuesday, October 19

Independentists and commons want to apply sanctions to censor ideological speeches in the Parliament




The independence groups and the commons in the Parliament of Catalonia want to reform the Regulation of the Autonomous Chamber to ideologically limit discourses to the point of being able to apply sanctions. The idea is included in the proposed resolution registered today by ERC, Junts, the CUP and ECP in the framework of preventing Vox from having a senator with an autonomous designation as it should be after the elections on February 14.

Although Vox is not cited in the text of the motion for a resolution, the three pro-independence groups, the commons and the PSC -which is considering giving its support to the initiative- signed a document at the beginning of the legislature by which pledged to create a ‘sanitary cordon’ to the party led in Catalonia by Ignacio Garriga. In this context, pro-independence and common people have announced this Thursday the resolution proposal for the Parliament to reaffirm itself as “a space free of hate speech.”

Among the measures that appear in the text, the four groups propose to reform the Regulation to guarantee a “shield against hate speech and discrimination”, reinforcing “the commitment against discrimination and harassment with sanctions in case of not signing it ». In addition, they want to modify the requirement for the approval of institutional declarations, which is now unanimously, to leave it in “A qualified majority”.

These regulatory modifications, presented to limit Vox’s action, would mean, on the one hand, the cut out the plurality in the speech and, on the other hand, the use of institutional declarations by the independence movement, which has the majority of seats but not the unanimity necessary to approve this type of initiatives that link to the whole of the Catalan Parliament.

This would be the second relevant initiative against Vox, after sending the eleven deputies and the entire technical team of the Garriga party to the attic of the Palacio del Parlament building, granting them fewer offices and square meters than other groups with less representation after 14-F. This decision was agreed by the Bureau with the approval of the PSC claiming the agreement against “the extreme right” or “antifascist pact” signed by the five groups. Cs and PP did not sign it.

However, this pact seems fragile. Today, independentistas and commons have asked, in the line of the resolution proposal, that Vox be prevented from having the senator by autonomous designation that corresponds to him based on the electoral result of 14-F. A measure that the PSC does not subscribe, considering that this would be to skip the law, since the regulations establish that the appointment of regional senators must be proportional to the result of the ballot box. Vox obtained the fourth position with eleven seats and corresponds to him a senator.

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