Friday, September 24

India continues to add positives and exceeds 18 million infections

A woman gets vaccinated in India.

A woman gets vaccinated in India.

India has notified this Thursday new maximum numbers of cases and deaths by coronavirus, touching the 380,000 patients and 3,700 deaths, in a day in which the Asian country has also exceeded the threshold of 18 million infections since the start of the pandemic.

The Indian Ministry of Health has indicated in its latest balance sheet, published through its account on the social network Twitter, that During the last 24 hours, 379,257 cases and 3,645 deaths have been registered, bringing the totals to 18,376,524 and 204,832, respectively.

The figures thus exceed the previous highs, registered on Wednesday, when India reported 360,960 infections and 3,293 deaths, amid a drastic rebound that has led the country to add more than 300,000 daily cases during the last eight days.

In addition, the Ministry has for the first time encrypted the number of active cases at more than three million, with 3,084,814, 106,105 more than the previous day, before adding that 15,086,878 people have recovered from COVID-19, including 269,507 during the last day.

The Ministry has detailed that 72 percent of the cases notified during the last day correspond to ten states of the country, with Maharashtra – where Bombay is located – again in the lead, with 63,309 infections. Behind are Karnataka and Kerala, with 39,047 and 35,013, respectively.

In this line, has also confirmed that Maharashtra is the state with the most active cases, with 675,451, followed in this case by Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, which have 328,903 and 300,041, respectively. Maharashtra has also been the state with the most deaths in the last day, with 1,035, followed by the capital, New Delhi, with 368.

The situation in India has set off alarms nationally and internationally, with several countries offering help to New Delhi to cope with the pressure on its healthcare system, amid criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the management of the pandemic.

To this is added that, despite this context, electoral processes have continued, like the one held this Thursday in the state of West Bengal, despite some calls for a postponement to avoid crowds that could favor a further spread of the virus.

In this context, the deputy spokesperson for the United Nations General Secretariat, Farhan Haq, has indicated that the agency’s resident coordinator in India, Renata Lok Dessallien, is “supporting the authorities’ response to the pandemic with equipment and supplies.” .

“The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are providing equipment and supplies, including 7,000 oxygen concentrators and 500 nasal oxygen devices, as well as oxygen generators, tests for the coronavirus and personal protection kits “, he has detailed.

Has reviewed that “WHO is also helping to establish mobile hospital units and is supporting laboratories” and added that the UN is maintaining its awareness campaign, focused on “wearing a mask, washing hands and keeping a distance of two meters.”

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