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Indians Cleveland: know the new name that the MLB franchise could have

The team maintained its identity since 1915.

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A name that bore 106 years of MLB history, lives his last days in American baseball. The Cleveland Indians had announced, last December, that the franchise name was going to disappear. The reasons are related to an American initiative, which seeks to eradicate the names and symbols that represent some type of prejudice and the Indians, were a problem.

In this sense, the franchise began to apply a list of names that would supplant the current one. Starting in February, the Cleveland team began meeting with fan groups to brainstorm about the new moniker. Under these conditions, about 1,200 possible options emerged to be the main badge of the team.

¿Cleveland Avengers?

The vice president of communications for the franchise, Curtis Danburg, highlighted that in this decision the fans have a large percentage of influence and that it will not be arbitrarily taken. “We have involved our fans and the community in many aspects of the naming process for our team (…) We felt it was important to share our research journey and we have learned it so far,” Danburg highlighted.

According to information from ESPN, the most popular names among fans on social networks include: Spiders, Guardians Y Avengers. However, there is nothing definite. The franchise will work together with the Major League Baseball in order to guarantee all legal aspects and start displaying name proposals with their logos so fans can give their verdict.

Without a doubt, this is quite a controversial issue. There are still fans who they want to keep the original name because they have a great sense of belonging, identification and history, but it seems that their complaints will not be heard and in the coming months, Cleveland will undergo a metamorphosis in its identity.

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