Sunday, September 26

Inditex solidarity raffle: 20 euros for Penelope Cruz’s dress or Coldplay’s guitar

Some of the items from the Inditex raffle.

Some of the items from the Inditex raffle.

At the click of a button and after paying twenty euros for a raffle, the dress in which the actress Penelope Cruz presented an Oscar in 2014 with Robert de Niro hangs in someone’s closet from the template Inditex. Another may indulge in playing at home for his friends one of the Fender guitars of the Coldplay group, whose leader, Chris Martin, performed at the wedding of Marta Ortega, daughter of the founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, two years ago. And there will even be those who are already planning what their visit to the filming of Jon Kortajarena’s documentary, and what he will talk about with the model and actor in a later meeting, surely far from those who can dress one of Fernando Alonso’s red monkeys with the Ferrari team, the blue shirt with which Rafa Nadal won the master of Rome in 2019 to Djokovic, or a hat from the personal collection of the British Philip Treacy. The only problem with decorating the head with the design of the king of the hatters would be that the same person would also have had a personal cut from the stylist at the Inditex Christmas raffle Christiaan Houtenbos. One or the other, the two at the same time could not wear them.

The textile multinational based in Arteixo (A Coruña) deployed an extraordinary catalog in its solidarity Christmas raffle, the proceeds of which will go to charities. Where the barracks of the local festivals put stuffed animals, fish tanks or blenders, this raffle, open to Inditex workers and with raffles for twenty euros, offered as a claim all the pieces listed so far and many others, with the personal signature of their creators or previous owners included. Vinilos by Jamie Cullum, who also performed at the wedding of Marta Ortega, and Bruce Springsteen, a commemorative box of U2 initialed by Bono, CD of Enrique Iglesias, paks of the musical of Antonio Banderas, works of Raphael and Ainhoa ​​Arteta, and books of Mario Vargas Llosa.

Inditex, a global fashion benchmark, also made styling jewels available to its staff in this raffle. In addition to Treacy’s hat, there was a Le Chiquito bag launched in 2018 by designer Simon Jacquemus, who signed the piece inside, and creations by Karl Templer. And lots of fashion and photographed models: an exclusive book by Naomi Campbell, an image of Rianne Van Rompaey taken by Mario Sorrenti for Zara, another of Nora Attal captured by Steven Meisel also for a campaign by the A Coruña firm, and a photograph of Eugenia Silva Gonzalo Machado’s work. All signed by its protagonists.

In the raffle also entered a photograph from the set of the film ‘Marie Antoinette’ signed by its director, Sofia Coppola, and other works of art: photography by Roe Ethridge, painting of Francesco Clemente, designer sketches Narciso Rodriguez for his fragrance ‘For her’, and an allegorical landscape by the Galician painter Antonio Murado, based in New York.

The sporting attractions of the tombola were not limited to Fernando Alonso and Rafael Nadal. In the running were some boots of the motorcycle world champion Jorge Lorenzo, two pairs of gloves Iker Casillas, two t-shirts of Sergio Ramos —One from Real Madrid and the other from the Spanish team—, a yellow jersey from the Tour de Miguel Indurain, a Barcelona shirt signed by the Blaugrana squad, another from Cristiano Ronaldor with Juventus and boots from the Spanish Chelsea player Marcos Alonso. The detail from A Coruña of the raffle was made up of a ball and a Deportivo shirt signed by the blue and white squad.

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