Thursday, September 23

Individual responsibility? What are you talking about? | The weekly country

Every time I hear one of our leaders appeal to the “individual responsibility” of citizens to overcome the coronavirus, I don’t know whether to laugh or get angry when I see how they take our hair for the umpteenth time, or whether to cry when we check —en assuming they really mean it — how supremely foolish they are. Appealing to that in an era and a country like these is one more example of the laziness that dominates the leaders. They seem to spend their lives sighing and complaining: “Wow, how lazy, having to legislate and make decisions, bring Congress together to prolong the state of alarm and endure the insults of the opposition, debate with the autonomous communities: that each one occupy and do what you want, and if not the judges: whether or not they authorize what they ask of them without worrying about whether their colleagues next door think otherwise and contradict each other, there they. Anything to get rid of the dead man. And in addition, there is the individual responsibility of each Spaniard, they are the ones who get infected and get sick and they will know what they should do or not do. That, they take charge, that we have to share with Macron, Von der Leyen or Merkel ”. The only thing in which our rulers (Montoro and Montero) are diligent is to collect money in all imaginable ways, with direct and indirect taxes, with retroactive changes of criteria, with rates and tolls, with fines and interest that they never pay if They are delayed, with inspections and arbitrary interpretations in which both judge and very interested party are unappealable. Before the Treasury there is no valid argument.

In truth, it is ridiculous to continually invoke something that is obvious that barely exists. Responsibility? For decades no one has had anything. The culprits are always others, and if not, it is “the unjust society, which has forced me to commit crimes and has frustrated and humiliated me from the day of my birth.” And, of course, at the head of the irresponsible are precisely the high officials who then demand responsibility from the people. And how are people going to recognize yours if they look in the mirror of so many leaders who never recognize a mistake, a waste, an embezzlement or a damage, let alone an armhole? Do you think Colau will ever be charged for the unprecedented destruction and ugliness of beautiful Barcelona? Do you think that someone has passed it on to the various mayors and mayors of Madrid who have spent hands full on useless or harmful works? That someone is going to claim to Esperanza Aguirre the millions of euros thrown away with her pompous City of Justice, whose only and expensive building is a semi-ruin in a wasteland? It is implausible, but politicians are never asked for the accounts that are required of businessmen, bankers, doctors, judges, engineers, and even the supermarket cashier if theirs do not add up.

If the PSOE-Podemos Government, by refusing to expand the state of alarm, believed in “individual responsibility” to contain the epidemic, then it is more idiotic than it is perceived. The parties and large bottles at dawn on May 9 will have opened your lazy eyes. What is incomprehensible is that he did not foresee what was sung for anyone with a tiny brain, and that soon there would be an avalanche of trips to see relatives or the beaches. Let him not guess that, in a society with serious intellectual difficulties, too many citizens would confuse the term of the alarm with the term of the plague. Faced with a situation like this, I cannot explain to myself that the President has not come out to speak clearly and put the points on the i’s (“Oh, no, what a can, cameras and questions”). Or that, failing that, the King has not done it, for that is what the Head of State is for: to make up for the negligence of his rulers when he can, and should be able in times of emergency and extreme danger.

Doctors, health workers, epidemiologists, have desperately attended the first riot, and those that remain. While they collapse, healing, and accumulating exhaustion and dying, a good part of the population, with the approval of the authorities, crowds into parties, mass displacements and drunkenness with baths in public fountains. On the same May 8, many cities were already crowded with mastuerzos tourists, who, well informed that there was an open bar in all of Spain from the 9th, were planted like sparks in our bars, restaurants and terraces. Imagine the Italians, who will “suffer” your alarm until July 31; or the Germans, who with 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants apply countless restrictions. Almost all of them get up here, on the other hand, with 200 infections and places where there were 500 in those days, a trifle. Given the success of Ayuso in the Madrid elections, it is not known if Sánchez has suddenly run to imitate her or if he is the first individual to be required to do what he asks of others while flying from here to there in comfortable and decontaminated airplanes : responsibility.

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