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INDOOR PLANTS | The 5 plants for your home that need little light

INDOOR PLANTS |  The five plants for your home that need little sunlight

INDOOR PLANTS | The five plants for your home that need little sunlight

The inside plants brighten up our house and fill our home with life thanks to their colors and smells. Are plants usually require some special cares so that our decoration is perfect and last as long as possible without dying. If you decide to get one indoor plant to decorate your house you will see that you have one great variety in the market. Today, we can buy with any type of houseplant regardless of the time of year thanks to greenhouses and online stores. However, when it comes to taking home your plant it is necessary to be very clear where are you going to locate it. Sometimes when we buy plants We are wondering how often do you have to water them, and need to be paid o si we must transplant them. But, when it comes to inside plants we seldom stop to think about how to take care of them, on the amount of sun they need and on many occasions we place them in a place with lots of lighting when, in reality, some are very sensitive to sun exposure.

If your house is indoors and not much natural light enters, you should know that there are a series of ideal plants for you. There’s a lot indoor plants that need little light or what are plants resistant to lack of sun exposure. Here is a review of some of the indoor plants resistant to lack of light, so you can give life to that dark corner of your home:

INDOOR PLANTS | The 5 plants for your home that need little light: Calathea PEXELS

Calathea, the queen of the corners

The Calathea is considered one of the inside plants most beautiful. The beautiful design of its leaves and its great variety of species make it one of the favorite plants in decor. Calathea is a plant typical of the understory of the Brazilian rainforest, therefore does not need much light. Ideally, place it next to a window so that it receives clarity but never direct sun, since if we subject it to direct exposure to the sun, the leaves will burn. Also, the Calathea needs to have the slightly humid substrate throughout the year being a tropical plant. During winter, try keep it moist and in the spring and summer months water it with plenty of water (always removing what is left from the lower plate). You should also keep in mind that you should never wet the leaves.

INDOOR PLANTS | The 5 plants for your home that need little light: mint PEXELS

Mint, aroma and color for your kitchen

The mint is one of the aromatic plants best known. Highly valued for her her intense smell, this plant has become popular in recent years as the perfect culmination for cocktails and desserts. Mint needs a regular and abundant watering, especially in spring and summer. The mint is a houseplant prefer the semisombra because the sun withers its leaves. Also, you need the pot to have good drainage to prevent water from stagnating.

INDOOR PLANTS | The 5 plants for your home that need little light: philodendron

Heart-leaf philodendron, a climber that is all love

The Philodendron Hederaceum O philodendro heart leaf is one of the inside plants most common by ease of care and his resistance to lack of light. The climbing plants they are very suitable for decorate homes and offices indoors because they are small plants that require little care. This particular climber supports very well dimly lit spaces but it prefers the clarity although never the direct sun. It should be grown in well-drained soil and the soil should always be slightly damp. Also, experts recommend reducing watering during the fall and winter. Is a tropical plant so will need quite a bit of moisture so it is recommended spray its leaves often with warm water.

INDOOR PLANTS | The 5 plants for your home that need little light: sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue Pexels

Mother-in-law’s tongue, no comment

The sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a easy-to-grow houseplant and one survivor in any space, temperature and light. It is prized for its robust leaves and its green brindle. In addition, it is a highly recommended plant to purify and clean the air in your home, even the NASA speaks well of her, and is very pest resistant. All these advantages make it one of the inside plants essential for your home if you are beginner in gardening. To maintain the vigor of its leaves it is important that don’t over water it, only when the ground is dry. In the winter months, you only need water once or twice a month.

INDOOR PLANTS | The 5 plants for your home that need little light: aloe vera or aloe

Aloe Vera, an essential plant

Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera it has become a very popular plant. Perhaps the secret to the success of this North African plant lies in its medicinal properties, its cosmetic applications or even in its culinary uses. The direct sun burns the leaves (or stalks), so it is better to put it in a illuminated space but without direct exposure to light solar. In addition, it is very important that your aloe vera pot has good drainageSince excess water affects it negatively, it is even recommended that you use a drip irrigation. Its presence in homes is so positive that NASA has it as one of its favorite plants because it improves the air and promotes restful sleep.

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