Monday, May 17

Ineca asks to rescue tourism so that the province comes out of the crisis due to the covid

Antonio Fernández, vice president of Ineca.  |

Antonio Fernández, vice president of Ineca. |

One of the priority objectives, almost eight months after the economic crisis caused by covid-19, is to “maintain tourism as an important force, since if the damage to its business fabric and employment continues over time, the situation It may be more complicated for the province, “as the vice president of the Alicante Institute of Economic Studies (Ineca), Antonio Fernández, warned yesterday in the online presentation of the Situation Report for the second quarter of the year. A period that precisely coincided with the most critical moments of the first wave of the covid and the period of confinement.

Thus, all the economic and labor indicators in the study lead to the conclusion that “the scope of this crisis is clearly more intense than the previous one in 2008”, underlined Francisco Llopis, Ineca’s Studies Coordinator. Among other results, the entity’s representatives highlighted that the province has lost more than 40,000 jobs compared to a year earlier, despite the ERTEs, which have had a dampening effect and have prevented further job losses, Llopis said. And the highest incidence of this crisis in the province is determined because, on this occasion, activities such as tourism, hospitality, commerce or leisure, “have been seriously affected”, in addition to being the economic engines of Alicante, added the vice president of Ineca. For this reason, Antonio Fernández stressed that it was “key” for tourism to receive the necessary aid and support from the Administration to get ahead, since this crisis has shown “the intense dependence we have on tourism.” From Ineca it was claimed that, while the problems of mobility restrictions are ending, “which is what is complicating the situation the most, safe corridors between Alicante and the main European markets must be created so that tourists can come back », Insisted Antonio Fernández.

More PCR at airports

The vice president of Ineca and president of the Alicante housing promoters (Provia) raised the need to find formulas to normalize the situation, while mobility is restricted. Among them, he considered it necessary “to do instant and cheap PCR at airports, such as Elche-Alicante.” An action “that would give security to people, who could travel to meet their family, while solving the health crisis.” On the other hand, Ineca warned that in the second quarter Alicante lost its leadership in the sale of homes to resident foreigners and fell to third place, behind Malaga and Barcelona.

On the other hand, the entity demanded from the Administration “flexibility in the examination to be able to give air and an outlet to the companies.”

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