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Inés Arrimadas vindicates the liberal space as the only one to border nationalism and populism




A speech to scare ghosts. Ines Arrimadas has starred in a long plea, lasting more than an hour, in which he has vindicated Ciudadanos (Cs) as the the only party that occupies the liberal space in Spain. An “essential” habitat, he has cried out to his people, “to border nationalism and populism,” “the two great slabs” of the country.

In the Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana, in Madrid, Arrimadas has closed the national convention of Cs before around three hundred positions and affiliates of the party. Your dissertation, loaded with ideological content, He sought from the beginning to highlight his differences with the PSOE and with the PP to argue the need for a third way. Without it, Arrimadas has warned, the bipartisanship will not only not fight those “slabs” of nationalism and populism, but it will “fatten” them. «The PP and the PSOE have had plenty of majorities throughout democracy to carry out the major reforms that Spain needed. Why haven’t they? Because they have thought about their matches. Not in Spain, “he cried, much applauded by his people.

Arrimadas has put the finishing touch to a weekend in which the party has tried to launch a survival message. A warning to sailors. There will be no merger with the PP, which they place as conservative, and Cs will continue to defend their own flags. From economic to social liberalism, with issues such as surrogacy and euthanasia. The president of Cs has also advocated environmentalism and feminism and has charged against the left for trying to endorse flags such as equality and progressivism. “They don’t belong to them!”

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“We never give up. And you cannot beat someone who never surrenders », Arrimadas exclaimed, aware of the bad moment that Cs is going through, with an unstoppable demographic decline. From this convention, which is intended to be a turning point, will be born the hallmarks of a party to which its militants have blamed, this weekend, the ideological lack of definition of which they have sinned in the past. A mistake to correct.

And with the pride of belonging “to one of the best countries in the world to be a woman or part of the LGTBI collective”, Arrimadas wants to advance towards equality, also in social rights, against “old moralities” of “conservative parties” such as the PP, who for example appealed the law between people of the same sex before the Constitutional Court.

Arrimadas has appealed in his speech to socialist and popular voters, but also to abstentionists. It is aimed at disenchanted with sanchismo –he has been very critical of Pedro Sánchez throughout his speech– and traditionally conservative voters who want a more modern project, which also ensures social rights. It is not necessary to choose, he has defended, between equality and the unity of Spain. You can, as Cs did, be in the Columbus demonstration against pardons and be in the LGTBI Pride.

But Arrimadas has also laid the foundations of what will be the lines of action of Cs and has listed a decalogue of major State reforms that Spain needs: education, employment, pensions, birth rates, science and innovation, sustainable development, fight against depopulation , housing, entrepreneurship and reinforcing the constitutional order. Something that will be reflected, they emphasize from the party, in the coming years.

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