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‘Influencer’ without filters at 91 years old

Her name is Sara, she is 91 years old, she has been living with Parkinson’s for more than three decades and she is an ‘influencer’. The good ones Without filters. Of those who infect optimism and desire to live. “She is now or never,” she reads her presentation phrase on her Instagram, where she far exceeds 256,000 followers. A community that began to take shape during the pandemic, when she moved with two of her daughters to Los Angeles, where they have a film production company. Without speaking English, she was a bit lost, until a family friend encouraged Sara Blanco (Cogeces de Íscar, Valladolid, 1932) to show off her culinary skills on social networks, which she enjoyed “half Hollywood,” she says. the Valladolid, which triumphed with “paella and garlic soups. Some repeated and others, when she could not go out into the street, sent the dishes home ».

Despite her good hand in the kitchen, Sara stands out for her innate elegance, which did not go unnoticed by her followers, who were increasingly interested in her outfits. “God came to see me,” says the ‘influencer’. It was a shock to her. The best of medicines. She dyed her white hair blue, because “at 90 what am I going to regret?” and she began to wear black clothes, which she had never wanted to wear. “I don’t wear that color, I’ve never worn it and I’m never going to wear it,” she said. Sara joined him in mourning that she had to wear for her mother when her father passed away. She realized that she looks phenomenal-she during the interview she is sitting with a black turtleneck sweater that Audrey Hepburn could well wear-. «It is what I want to convey to people, not to be afraid. You have to wear everything.”

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She went from being the mother of artists – three of her daughters were members of the popular 90s group ‘Greta y los Garbo’ – to being the artist in the family. «Now they are the ones who are with me raising this story with which I am having a lot of fun. It’s a way for me to get dressed and not think about my illness.”

Such was its impact that the Parkinson’s Association of Los Angeles took it as an image. However, not only old or sick people follow her. A week ago “I received a message from a very young girl who had just been dumped by her boyfriend and she told me that seeing me makes her want to get out of bed and think that she has to get ahead and not be sad.”

Without getting off the heels

As a fashion enthusiast, she keeps Chanel pieces like gold in cloth in her house in Valladolid. “I have very beautiful suits of hers,” she says, although she also has Spanish firms such as Modesto & Lomba. Her fetish is high heels. “I’ve been crazy my whole life.” Even when she, to survive, she had a restaurant, lumberyards, coal and lead mines, a farm with cattle, industrial pastry companies or a knitwear factory. “When a business failed, my husband and I started another running because times were difficult in Spain, but I got up in the morning, got ready, put on my heels and went to work.”

«The first time that some beach shoes entered my feet was when due to my husband’s illness we moved to Levante. At first he was not able to put them on me», he recalls before recounting that one Christmas when he went with the whole family to Thailand, «he wore a beautiful suit, all gold, and tremendous heels. Dancing I fell What a blow!, but I was very elegant », she recalls with a laugh. And so she plans to continue, riding her heels and fulfilling dreams.

His next goal is to launch “an international cookbook. I almost have the recipes ready”, he says, although there are other projects that he cannot reveal yet because “they have to be developed”, he explains before emphasizing that “it is never too late to do things that make you happy, because life is wonderful”. .

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