Thursday, September 23

informationtv offers tonight the full gala

Informaciontv journalist Laura Millán interviews Pedro Rubira,

Informaciontv journalist Laura Millán interviews Pedro Rubira, “Important” award to the volunteer group for the altruistic work of farmers during the pandemic.

The people of Alicante have an unavoidable appointment tonight with InformaciónTV, the essential channel for viewers to know all the details of the 36th edition of the “Important” awards, with reduced capacity this year due to the limitations of the pandemic. The gala can be seen in full from 22 hours on informationtv, which will broadcast it from beginning to end. With this objective, the INFORMACIÓN television station sent several production teams to the Teatro Principal last Tuesday, in addition to conducting interviews with all the protagonists of the evening who were passing, one by one, before the cameras of television informants to tell their experience . Spectators will also be able to view the videos that were screened prior to the delivery of each award, with the emotional testimonies of the heroes of the pandemic in which they narrated their experiences in the different tasks carried out during the toughest months of the health crisis.

The editors Patricia Páramo and María José Valero, from, with Raquel Ozuna, another of the winners.

Informacióntv has also prepared two specials that it will broadcast in addition to the gala. One of them, entitled “The pandemic”, which will show in images how the covid-19 has affected the province of Alicante; and «This is how we have told you», which will recreate how INFORMATION has captured on a daily basis through its paper, digital and television media everything that has happened in the province, in Spain and in the world in the last year and a half of global disease.

The broadcast of the entire gala will allow viewers to view other interesting videos that were screened during the awards ceremony presented by Toni Cabot, director of the INFORMATION Club, and by journalist Beatriz Rico. Among them, a succession of images from the first declaration of the state of alarm to the saturation of the hospitals, the applause from the balconies, the empty cities in the confinement, the businesses that are transferred as a result of the economic crisis coupled with the health , the dramatic images of the cemeteries, the very hopeful of the vaccines, the children with masks and the words of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, pointing out that the state of alarm is in the past, and that we must look to the future, which is vaccination.

The broadcast of the 36th gala of the «Important. The best of the province ”will include another video by the director of INFORMATION, Tomás Mayoral, in which he explains how a newspaper had to be made from home without a single person in the newsroom during confinement, in a space that ended with the message“ INFORMATION, always by your side ». All these details can be seen tonight in the special television program.

In addition, on Tuesday, the digital edition of the newspaper broadcast the gala via streaming thanks to the television signal with photo galleries, follow-up on networks with the hashtag #GalaImportrantes and interviews with the winners on Facebook Live.

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