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Infrastructures, another pending subject – Information

This is intended to provide more security on a highly used road that requires improvements. It is, therefore, a wise and necessary decision. This question, in any case, can serve to remind us of an issue that our municipality has had pending for many years: the infrastructure deficit that, in terms of road and rail issues, not to enter now into others, Elx needs to resolve to better position itself for its immediate future.

It seems that since Madrid or Valencia, There has always been, no matter who governs, little interest in attending to the just claims that, from this city, have been made to meet our needs. Either they have been few or with little success.

Therefore, and with good judgment, our Town Hall presented, just a year ago, what he called the Municipal Plan for Strategic Infrastructures, which contained almost twenty actions that, according to the mayor, Carlos Gonzalez, “Its development is considered essential for improving competitiveness and boosting the productivity of the business fabric of the municipality of Elche.” It was a matter, it was said, of focusing efforts on its realization, seeking the support of Elche society and thus reinforcing its claim to Madrid or Valencia.

The priority given to actions such as the arrival of the AVE becomes almost insulting


Among those demands there were many that were a classic: the improvement of the railways, the connection with the airport, the abolition of level crossings, the third lane on the A-7 motorway, etc. And others that were already under construction then, like the start-up of the AVE, the extension of the N-338 or the Santa Pola highway.

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It could be said that, with the exception of some, such as the latter, which were already in an advanced stage or are doing so in phases, the rest of the actions are still as pending as ever. In other words, the aforementioned Plan was a “rehash” of promises.

In some cases, the priority given to actions such as the arrival of the AVE, of which it was said that it would put us on the map (I don’t know where we would be before) and that it would be almost “the no-go” for the city. Check how you currently follow the line of nearby Alicante-Elx-Murcia and the discomfort, delays and saturation of travelers in the face of little use, in proportion, what does the AVE have says a lot about what the wrong priorities of the state are.

You have to move more to get the best and most necessary investments. We lose possibilities for more sustainable growth and we run the risk of being marginalized in the future. Making plans is necessary but, in the face of reality, it is not enough. Elx urges realities, promises we are already served. Even in the days convened by the Uepa associationl held this Tuesday, and were attended by the mayors from Elx and Alicante, many of these pending actions were claimed. It is a pity that both mayors, after giving their speeches, left before hearing those of the rest of the attendees. They probably didn’t want to hear what they already knew. We are facing a pending issue and for a long time.

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We lose possibilities for more sustainable growth and risk being marginalized in the future


The ministry has changed. Ábalos is gone. Have to do Budgets for 2022. It is time for plans to be more than permanent reminders.

And, in another vein, the City Council has announced that it is going to undertake a modernization of the current Congress Center. Necessary, no doubt, but the moment is striking. In full debate on a new Conference Center They say that the Diputación would vote, although it hides it a lot, the announcement of the reform is curious now. It will be because of what may happen and what it may take with the other. Let’s hope the worst omens are not confirmed.

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