Saturday, October 16

Ingebrigsten dominates the 1,500 and Mechaal rallies to be fifth

  • The athlete from Palamós gets the diploma that he wanted to give to his mother suffering from leukemia.

  • The Norwegian becomes the first European to win the distance from Fermín Cacho in Barcelona 92.

Finalist and diploma by being fifth, again improving his personal best until he left it at 3: 30.77, Mechaal of nobility it is ranked fourth in the Spanish ranking of 1,500 only behind Mohamed Katir, Fermín Cacho Y Reyes Estévez, after the final this Saturday.

The tenth finalist of Spanish athletics in these Games had to handle in the fastest race in history in a Games. I hold the arreón in the last lap, “in the counter straight I got to taste the bronze,” he said after the final, but he could not finish the job with four athletes below 3.30, unavailable at the moment for the Palamosino.

MechaalAffected by his mother’s illness, he recovered to the third race of the 1,500 and was able to compete at the highest level for a good stretch, advancing little by little within the second group. He endured to the limit and as far as he could the devilish rhythm established by the Norwegian Jacob Ingebrigtsen and the Kenyan Timothy Cheruiyot, finally first and second.

Only 20 years

The 20-year-old Norwegian, with 3.28.32, the youngest of a saga of illustrious runners, set a new Olympic and European record and surpassed the African navy, clinching his star status in high competition. He crossed the finish line celebrating, without forcing, certain of his triumph, and seemed to have the top of Hicham El Gerruj, 3.26.00. The Zurich Weltklass awaits you to try it.

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Ingebrigtsen suffered during this season in the meetings of the Diamond League, in which the Spanish Mo Katir he was even superior. No European had won the 1500 since Fermín Cacho’s triumph in Barcelona. In his Olympic debut he added another gold for Norway after that of Karsten warholm over 400 hurdles, this one with a world record as a gift.

Ignacio Fontes he did not recover in time for the final and finished last. MechaalThe 30-year-old was brave and maneuvered like an expert, given his background in top competition, which includes a European title in the 3,000-meter indoor track. He arrived in Tokyo with two races, overwhelmed by his family situation. He already has the diploma that he wants to give to his mother when he leaves the Girona Hospital.

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