Tuesday, March 21

Ingrid Wicker McCree – North Carolina Central University Athletic Director


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Dr. Ingrid Wicker McCree is no stranger to hard work and service. It is in his blood. So when she abruptly decided to pursue a career as a college administrator instead of pursuing a lucrative legal profession, no one blinked. He was doing it for the culture. McCree joined North Carolina Central University in 1998 and began a life of dedication to ensuring that this historic HBCU left a legacy of excellence and athletic achievement that would reign for generations to come.

NCCU became her home, literally and figuratively, because of the family values ​​she felt on campus. It was on the Durham, North Carolina campus that she met her husband, Geno, and the two raised their three children in a life centered on college athletes. McCree can recall working day after day as the head coach of the women’s volleyball team, up to three weeks before her oldest daughter, Alexia, was born, and then taking just two weeks of maternity leave before returning to the office. He left Alexia’s playpen in the corner of his office.


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