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Íñigo Errejón: “The PP communities cheat the abortion law and we have to put an end to it”

Íñigo Errejón is one of the most relevant current left leaders; together with Pablo Iglesias, he starred in one of the most important transformations of politics in Spain with the founding of We can. Today, at 37 years old and how leader of More Country, Errejón shares his vision of the future, his latest proposals, and his assessment of the vice president’s proposal Yolanda Diaz to refound the Spanish left.

-How have you received Yolanda Díaz’s proposal / invitation to “build a country project for the next decade”?

-We have spent too many years in a kind of permanent electoral campaign. There has to be a time to campaign and a time to rule.

The other day a Caritas report came out that said that in Spain there are 11 million people in a situation of social exclusion and 6 in extreme poverty. It’s a barbarity. I respect all the declarations and projects that each one has, but I would ask the national government to have clear priorities. Each thing at it’s time…

-Your party has presented an Abortion Guarantees Law to protect this right.

-It is an initiative so that the right to abortion in Spain is not a dead letter. This is not going to force anyone to abort, we are not opening the discussion of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, that in Spain is already a right. What we have is a fraud of law: the communities governed by the PP try to trick it and we have to put an end to that. We have a right recognized as a law that is later not complied with, and we have to guarantee that the laws are complied with, and that is that people can interrupt their pregnancy in the public health system and not travel kilometers with their car to do so in another autonomous community or in another province.

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-And what about the objectors?

-Guaranteeing that right implies that conscientious objection in public hospitals has to be compatible with the exercise of rights; we want a conscientious objector registry like the one there is for euthanasia. It will be up to each community and each hospital to reconcile the will of the doctor to object with the fact that this right established by law is effective. You have the right to the individual behavior you want, but the person who wants to have an abortion has the right to do it safely, close to home and in public. And in addition, there is the right to rest after five days if it is in the first trimester and if unfortunately it has to be after, up to four weeks.

-Another bill from your party that has once again opened an intense debate is that of the regulation of cannabis.

-Here you have to break with hypocrisy. Cannabis use is widespread in Spain, anyone who steps on the street knows it. Does your prohibition prevent people from consuming cannabis today? No. It is not a discussion about whether consumption is good or bad, as nobody starts to discuss whether alcohol consumption is good or bad, it is a debate about whether we prefer that consumption, the information and the money it generates be in hands of the black market and the mafias or there is regulation, information and public control and taxes that can finance public health. We have a very simple example: the disastrous attempt at prohibition in the United States on alcohol. We want a more advanced regulation but inspired by what already exists in California, Ohio or Canada.

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-How do you assess the little that is known about the new Housing Law?

-In Spain we have a very serious problem with the housing issue. A problem that affects the possibility of forming a family and having children, or of becoming emancipated and that affects consumption because a large part of the salary is going to pay rent and not consumption, investment, starting companies. I believe that the rentier part of the economy, which does not produce anything, but owns properties and rents them out, is beginning to be a drag on the productive part of the economy, and I believe that measures must be taken. Pablo Casado said in a television program that in Spain, any young person with a payroll can access a rent; Well, Pablo Casado does not know society, how many people with a payroll have to live with their parents or are they 35 years old and share a flat?

Errejón, on his book: “It is a vindication of political commitment”

Íñigo Errejón has written his first solo book: ‘With everything. From the fast years to the future‘. Some fragments, in which refers to Podemos as a “caudillista” structure with a “court” of leaders around former leader Pablo Iglesias, or the expression “cuqui Stalinism” to refer to Echenique they have raised a certain media stir. “Books have to defend themselves, whoever is interested I recommend reading the book as a whole piece, and not by extracts,” says Errejón, who assures that he has tried “to do an honest exercise of vindication of political commitment, and something that serves as a bridge between what these years have been like and the ideas that I think can serve to open another cycle of democratic transformation in Spain “.

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