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‘Innocents’: this is the Turkish soap opera that will take over from ‘Woman’

Farah Zeynep Abdullah y Birkan Sokullu, en 'Inocentes'.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah y Birkan Sokullu, en ‘Inocentes’.

The rage for turkish series in Spain it is still booming (‘Mi hija’, ‘Love is in the air’, ‘Tierra amarga’…) Y Antenna 3 He does not intend to give up the intensity of his dramas and passions. Coinciding with the end of one of his great phenomena, ‘Woman’, the chain has already shown that the most convoluted love stories will continue to be very present on its grid with ‘Innocents’, the new telenovela that was previewed this Thursday. But … what is the plot about, where does it come from, who stars in it, how long does it last and when will it be possible to continue watching?


At the moment, ‘Inocentes’ (whose original title is ‘Masumlar Apartmani’) has only one season composed of 37 chapters, which aired on the Turkish network TRT1 between September 15, 2020 and June 8, 2021. Everything indicates that it is most likely that there will be a new installment of episodes this fall in their country of origin.

The origin

The plot is based on a novel ‘The inside of the Medallion’ published in 2004 by the psychiatrist Gulseren Budaicioglu, which had previously been inspired by some of the cases of his consultation for more literary works. Some, even, also jumping to the screen as ‘My home, my destiny’.

The history

A complicated love story is the center of the plot of ‘Innocents’. The protagonists are They have, a young businessman who has returned from the United States to his native country to devote himself to taking care of his family, and Inch, a girl marked by the overprotection exercised over her by her brother and grandfather. While he cares for his ailing father and sisters with obsessive-compulsive disorders from a traumatic childhood, the young woman has a alcoholic boyfriend. An accident will cause their paths to cross and the spark will arise, but nothing will be easy between them.

The cast

Han’s character is played by Birkan Sokullu, an actor known in Turkey for his television career of more than a decade. In one of his best-known series, ‘Immortals’, he coincides with other Turkish soap opera stars, Kerem Bürsin (‘Love is in the air’). Farah Zeynep Abdullah da screw to Pearl. Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar and Gizem Katmer play Safiye, Gülben and Neriman, Han’s sisters, while Metin Coskun plays the role of Hikmet, his father.

Atilla Sendil da vida Memduh, the grandfather of Inci and his brother Ege, played by Emir Ozden. Alper Attackers Uygar, the protagonist’s alcoholic boyfriend. Esra Rusan is Esra, Inci’s best friend, and Ugur Uzunel, Esat, Han’s colleague.


After the preview on Thursday, the series is scheduled to air again this Sunday on Antena 3 inside the container ‘Unforgettable week’, next to ‘My daughter’. The most likely thing is that he will then take the witness of ‘Woman’ after the outcome of the series.

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