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Innovating in innovation – Information

The announcement of day 2 of the councilor and a mayor who is sometimes lacking more critical sense in the defense of the third city of the Community, which is the first to be governed by the Socialists, it served to sell us something like an aircraft carrier, although with a less pompous name than a year ago and to which they had yet to “endow it with content.” That yes, they assured that they knew two certain things: it will be dedicated to «Transform our productive sectors» and it will have «a transversal dimension that will affect the economic development of the city and the Community». And so read, it’s scary, right?

In short, the third name for a project that currently lacks content (something they repeated on several occasions), which goes through a rehabilitation or regrowth of a building that “will be studied in the coming months” and which is pending “the constitution of a working group to assess different aspects in terms of content.” And something else was clear: “The need to transfer the innovation that we have to the productive fabric so that a transfer of knowledge takes place and that this contributes to improving the economy.”

800,000 euros is the price of the Post Office building that will house the project of the Ministry of Innovation


Wait a minute … Has anyone ever stopped to think that the UMH of Elche already has a Science Park, an Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) and a Vice-Rector’s Office for Knowledge Transfer and Exchange? Do you know what the vice-rector is for? I remind you: support for entrepreneurs and business creation, scientific and technological policy in matters of knowledge transfer, relations with research groups and research institutes in matters of knowledge transfer, planning and management of the Elche Campus Tecnológico project to address the needs of the university community and the business environment … », and there I leave it. They look alike, right? But the UMH does know what it is working on and what the investment was made for. That is the difference. But that should be known by the Minister for Innovation because it is also the case for Universities. And i ask myself: Is he not stepping on the hose to the UMH?Are we not announcing a project that doubles or even triples others that already exist in Elche? I am telling you this because for 31 years Elche has had one of the four CEEI (European Center for Innovative Companies) in the Community, promoted and financed by the European Union to spread the entrepreneurial culture and innovation. And yes, among its objectives is «the creation of companies or diversifying lines that provide innovative activity, promote the entrepreneurial and business spirit, support entrepreneurs, help consolidate and grow companies and cooperate with other entities in the environment. to energize and pool local resources. For this, it has the support of dozens of business associations and city councils.

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The word innovation has been a mantra that continues for decades. And it is a scary label if it is put to a department because we can think that any project called innovation (to which I add knowledge transfer) is a safe bet. To curl the loop is already to think that there is no better way to return to the city part of the economic effort made by its citizens than by spending part of the debt on an innovative third entity … And this is the only project announced after almost three years for Elche to pay the debt, in which it has changed its name and objectives three times.

It would still be more profitable to stop paying rents and dedicate the old Post Office to municipal offices, at least we would save something, right?


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