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Inside the bubble even on the day off

Players do not leave the facilities.  |  EFE

Players do not leave the facilities. | EFE

The Spanish team has completed its first six days of work in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas. Luis Enrique has granted a rest day for this Sunday, but the players will remain in the residence of the Spanish Federation. The reason is none other than to avoid risks due to covid-19 and continue with the same line of protecting against the virus. And it is that what happened in other selections with inopportune last minute positives has again unleashed a psychosis that invites extreme precautions.

Footballers will have free time in Las Rozas to rest, relax and enjoy the facilities of the facility, in which a games room has even been set up that allows all kinds of recreational activities, such as table tennis or more technological games. , without a doubt one of the preferences of the majority of international youth.

Spain is just over a week away from its premiere against Sweden in the 2021 European Championship. It will be on June 14 at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville and a positive case could lead to the player involved missing the tournament . Due to injury or covid, UEFA allows changes to the list up to 48 hours before debut. Of course, the substituted player can no longer be registered again and is permanently out of the competition.

The Spanish Federation is acting with the utmost rigor so as not to have any scares and the 24 players summoned are at the disposal of Luis Enrique for the premiere of this European Championship. Despite the fact that footballers cannot leave the Ciudad del Fútbol, ​​it is not ruled out that Luis Enrique organizes some type of voluntary activity. The coach loves fostering group values ​​and could pull off an ace up his sleeve.

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New refereeing nuances

The president of the Technical Committee of Referees, Velasco Carballo, gave a talk to the players in the late afternoon in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas, where he clarified some concepts of the regulations for the 2020 Eurocup. The most important nuances focus on hand signaling. From now on, not all touches of the ball with the arm or hand are an offense. Deliberate touches of the ball, for example moving the arm or hand towards the ball, will be an offense.

It is also considered those touches of the ball with the arm or the hand in which the body becomes larger than natural and not when they are a consequence of the movement of a situation. If his arm is in a strange situation, the player runs the risk of being penalized. Regarding the attacking hands, any goal will be disallowed if the ball has touched the hand of the spiker, even if it is accidental. On the other hand, if the ball bounces off an accidental hand of a teammate, it will be allowed to continue.

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