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‘Insiders’ comes to Netflix: the reasons why it revolutionizes the reality genre in Spain

Najwa Nimri en ‘Insiders’.

The countdown to the launch of the first season of ‘Insiders’ on Netflix has come to an end. The entertainment platform premieres this Thursday its new original reality series presented by Nawja Nimri in which they will show lto the true face of 13 contestants that they will not know that they were being recorded from the beginning of their participation.

Thanks to a huge human and technical effort, on a 1600 square meter set with more than 250 hidden microphones and 70 hidden cameras, 23 of them in cinematographic quality, the contestants of this innovative reality produced iZen They are shown as they are in a return to the reality of coexistence more pure, assuming a significant advance with respect to the current programs of this genre. YOTELE analyzes the reasons why ‘Insiders’ revolutionizes the reality genre in Spain.

‘Insiders’, the meta-reality that shows what is not seen on television

In these last 21 years, the Spanish audience has consumed many and different reality TV formats, but only ‘Insiders’, for now, has dared to show what is often not seen: the guts of television. Because, has become a meta-reality (in Greek, meta means ‘beyond’) which shows things that viewers do not usually see, such as, for example, the organization’s meetings to chart the course the contest takes, a premise reminiscent of the ‘Unreal’ series.

New sociological experiment: Are we the same when we are not recorded?

‘Insiders’ tries to recover that essence of sociological experiment with which ‘Big Brother’ was born in 2000. If at that time it was about locking a group of people in a house full of cameras, in this case and after reality shows of all kinds have been made, the idea of ​​this new program is to see if the 13 participants they act in the same way as when they think they are not being recorded by the cameras and microphones.

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A game-breaking mechanic with its constant script twists

Another reason why ‘Insiders’ revolutionizes the reality show genre in our country is because of its mechanics. Assuming that the 13 contestants do not know that they are being continuously recorded from the first moment, The program poses a game that breaks with its constant script twists, dislodging the contestants and putting them to the limit inside the house. This approach also encourages the viewer to get hooked on its chapters, waiting for the next step to reconstruct the different strategies designed by the inhabitants of the house.

7 episodes of a maximum of 60 minutes that can be watched at once

The arrival of ‘Insiders’ to Netflix allows the possibility of consuming reality shows in a very different way. Far from the four hours that a traditional gala can last on a linear chain, the seven chapters of the iZen format are less than 60 minutes long, including credits. In addition, you will not have to wait week by week to see the episodes, since all will be available from the start, following the strategy that Movistar + carried out with the launch of the second season of ‘El puente’ (Zeppelin).

The anonymous return to take the leading role in front of the VIPs

‘Insiders’ also lands on Netflix relying on the anonymous as contestants, and not celebritys, another important difference with respect to the trend that reality shows in our country were following for several years. Seeking to recover the original essence of these formats, the casting consists of thirteen contestants with very different profiles, diverse and completely unknown.. Among them, we can find a cook, a makeup artist, a journalism graduate, a professional poker player or a tourism councilor.

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Najwa Nimri, an alternative bet to the classic reality TV presenters

The fact that Najwa Nimri is at the forefront of ‘Insiders’ is also an important novelty compared to what we are used to seeing in the formats of the reality genre. The actress breaks with the usual roster of presenters who have conducted this type of program on television in our country in recent years, not to mention that, until today, it was a face more linked to fiction, and not television entertainment.

One of the architects of the arrival of ‘GH’ to Spain, the brain of ‘Insiders’

‘Insiders’ will be released this Thursday under the executive production of Jose Velasco, president of iZen, format producer, and founder of Zeppelin, a company that introduced reality TV shows in our country 21 years ago. The manager was one of the architects of the arrival of ‘Big Brother’ to Spain in 2000 along with other members of the leadership of that Telecinco such as Mikel Ejerza, Mauricio Carlotti or Paolo Vasile, among others.

In addition, ‘Insiders’ is the first bet of Netflix that will premiere from the appointment of Álvaro Díaz, former CEO of Zeppelin and former executive producer of ‘GH’, as the new director of non-fiction content in Spain.

It won’t be the only season

This will not be the only season that ‘Insiders’ is guaranteed on Netflix. In fact, Álvaro Díaz revealed in his speech in the last edition of the FesTVal of Vitoria-Gazteiz that these seven chapters are not the only ones that have been recorded. Predictably, and in the absence of knowing its reception among the users of the platform, one of the reasons why this decision has been made is to preserve the reality’s constant surprise factor and protect it from contestants who arrive with the lesson learned from home.

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