Monday, June 27

Insults, shoves and police escort to protect the PPC leader from pro-independence harassment in Vic




A large group of independentists
has harassed this Saturday morning several leaders and members of the PP in Vic (Barcelona). The popular ones, who planned to make some statements in the main square of the town, have had to leave the place Come in insults and escorts by the Mossos d’Esquadra.

As they have explained from the PPC, today the formation planned to take a walk through the center of Vic and offer some statements to the press from its main square denouncing that the City Council of this town governed by Junts with an absolute majority had discretionally denied a permit to install an information tent. The reason given by the consistory was that mounting the ‘stand’ of the Catalan PP was against article 96 of the city’s civic regulations, which prohibits activities against “morality” and “coexistence.”

When the PP leaders arrived at the square, shortly before noon, some two hundred exalted individuals, many of them hooded and carrying black flags, who have insulted and persecuted them to prevent them from doing the act they had planned. There were, among others, the president of the party, Alejandro Fernández, the leader of the PP in the province of Barcelona, ​​Manu Reyes, and several deputies and former deputies, such as María de los Llanos de Luna.

“There was an ANC tent in the place where we had asked to be, and several people with balaclavas around it. They were waiting for us,” a participant in the PP delegation explained to ABC. “Some of us have been kicked and punched”, another member of the popular delegation has denounced. As can be seen in the videos posted by the party throughout the morning, the independentistas have not stopped insulting -fascists, dogs…- the members of the entourage until they have left surrounded by Mossos agents.

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Shortly after what happened, several national leaders of the party of Paul Married They echoed what happened. «We will always defend freedom, in Vic and in all corners of Catalonia. Radicals will never get away with it. All my support to the brave PPC. Catalonia is all of us. Catalonia belongs to everyone”, the MEP and former minister Dolors Montserrat has tweeted. Fascism in its purest form in Vic against our PPC comrades who want to expel from the streets of Catalonia”, wrote Ana Beltrán, from the PP of Navarra.

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