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Inter – Real Madrid: Rodrygo rectifies Madrid | sports

Two games played by Real Madrid at San Siro. From Courtois to Rodrygo. He barely solved the first one, when Inter had him close to the canvas and left him in the bones. He missed Simone Inzaghi’s box, stopped by the Belgian goalkeeper. Yes, Madrid did, the other Madrid, the one in the second section, now without its goalkeeper’s spotlights, but hanging from Valverde’s lungs, Vinicius’s agitation and Rodrygo’s clinical goal, already victorious in Milan last year. It had been a long time since there had been any traces of Rodrygo, this time ahead of the irrelevant Hazard and without the ailing Bale in the middle.

Punctual in San Siro, Rodrygo, a young player who lacks regularity, put Real on the move to seal the victory. His fireworks when the duel lowered the blind left Real with the group stage within reach, their theoretical first adversary defeated at the first. The party demanded a Madrid that vigorously recovered from its bad staging. From a timid and poorly tuned team at the beginning to a sharp team after the intermission, now with another look, now with another chest. Enough to cut Inter, worsened by the relays, the opposite of Madrid.

Bolted from the start by a dedicated and abrasive Inter, Real Madrid had a hard time in the first act. Jaw issue. Simone Inzaghi’s boozy boys had it, to the beat of drummer Brozovic, a first-rate guerrilla whose quartermaster was enough for the Interistas to emerge victorious from all the battles. Inter went and went, leaving their skin in each round. Madrid survived, supported by Courtois and without further relief. There was no escapism on the side of Vinicius, Benzema did not regulate the attack, Modric did not give the time … And Alaba suffered as much as a central defender as Nacho as a left back.

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Ancelotti wanted, back in the San Siro family courtyard, to kidnap Inter from the sides, with Lucas as Carvajal’s lifeguard on the right to the detriment of Hazard and Nacho on the other shore. Useless, given the local disposition, which with the constant offensive blocking only gave air to Casemiro, who preferred the trench to the offensive footprint. The rest of the madridistas had a cut with their partner. He could not defend Madrid forward, uncomfortable with the local flares. Everything was fire in an Inter nothing Versailles, but with a lot of bone at the service of the cornet Brozovic, the half rattle of all life. Where that whirlwind that is Lukaku pivoted, today at Chelsea, now the offensive currency is Dzeko, without the physical lining of the Belgian but who has plenty of pole for the dust in the rival area. It was verified by Courtois, the main substance of the whites, subjected all the first time. Both for its bad scaffolding with and without the ball and for its smallest tooth. Madrid had no word near Handanovic, Vinicius reduced, Benzema isolated and with Lucas more predisposed to roll up his sleeves than to reach the interior defense. There were also no notes from Modric and Valverde, surpassed in the San Siro caldera, where they only ran into crocodiles. Inter suffocated, Madrid snorted. Nothing to do with what happened afterwards. Inzaghi’s painting ran out of deposit, he nervously pulled Ancelotti’s until he found Rodrygo.

Afflicted by the harassment from Inter, Ancelotti intervened at half-time. Or so it seemed, because back from the truce another Madrid emerged. Nothing that deserves a toast, but a more consistent, more categorical Real, with Casemiro and Valverde as launchers, less content than at the beginning. The visiting coach turned to Rodrygo and woke up Vinicius. The challenges were on the sides, Benzema arrested before the three centrals arranged by Simone Inzaghi. The roulette of changes tempered Madrid to the same extent that it lowered Inter, already without the rattle at the beginning. Brozovic evaporated, Dzeko did not strike, Lautaro left, just like Perisic. A more shaved Inter, already at the feet of Arturo Vidal, a shot into the air. As Inter faded, Vinicius grew, already determined to the fencing challenge. He did not hit the last key, but he was on guard behind the Milanese. Enough for Inter to lose their expansive stamp of the first half.

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Benzema had the goal, with a header. And also Vinicius, who was beaten the goal at the last moment with several defenders on the screen to reject, in the case of Skriniar, who deflected a warped shot that looked great. The same thing that shortly after he crossed the road again when the Brazilian smelled the emboque.

From Inter de Dzeko to Inter de Skriniar, a sign of the change of points of the match. A crossroads synthesized with Rodrygo’s final goal. A play very well sewn by Valverde and Camavinga. The Uruguayan bit it inside the area, the Frenchman gave continuity to the service and Rodrygo, such that Benzema, hooked the goal in front of Handanovic. A corkage for a Madrid that saved the first and, presumably, the greatest obstacle in the group stage of the Champions League. He was not completely daunted in the bad times and had energy for the final lace.

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