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Interactive IRS Helper tells you in minutes if you are eligible for Biden Plan Child Tax Credit extension payments

Parents with children are eligible for the “Child Tax Credit” which was expanded by the Biden Administration to reach more families.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides visitors to its website ( with a free tool that allows them to Find out if you qualify for the “Child Tax Credit” (CTC) to be delivered this year in advance in monthly payments starting July 15 as a result of the approval of the Biden Administration’s “American Bailout Plan.”

The so-called “Interactive Tax Wizard” allows the user to know in a matter of minutes their eligibility for extended help for families with children.

How does the online tool to determine eligibility for the “Child Tax Credit” work?

Upon entering the system, you will have to answer several questions about the family configuration and your tax returns to the IRS.

The “digital interviewer” will ask you for information about the year for which you are filing taxes (tax year), the marital status under which you filed taxes (marital status), if you claimed people as dependents and the date of birth of the dependents.

After submitting the responses, the system will make an evaluation to determine if the minor or minor in the family are eligible for the “Child Tax Credit”.

IRS on-page process can be completed in about 10 minutes

The process is completed in approximately 10 minutes if the person has all the information at hand. If 15 minutes pass without activity on the page, the tool will force you to restart the request.

Applies to citizens and resident foreigners

The IRS clarified that the service was designated for taxpayers who are US citizens or resident aliens for the year for which they are requesting the eligibility assessment. If the person is married, the spouse must also be a US citizen or resident alien for the year requested.

Users can submit 2019 income instead of 2020

The agency also reported that if the taxpayer’s income was higher in 2019 than in 2020, you can use the 2019 amount to make the credit amount higher. The foregoing is a temporary relief under the “Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020”.

The above tool will be added to two other portals that the IRS is preparing to launch this July 1, two weeks before the first money transfers under the CTC.

Through the sites that will be open soon, potential beneficiaries of the program can update information on the number of dependents or any change in their family status to ensure that they receive all of the money that corresponds to them.

The third and first stimulus bill under the Biden Administration increased the maximum Child Tax Credit in 2021 at $ 3,600 for children under age 6 and $ 3,000 per child for children between 6 and 17 years old. For families who want it, 50% of the credit will be sent early this year in monthly checks for less than $ 250 to $ 300.

Eligibility based on income level

The entire credit applies to individuals with children and gross adjusted income of $ 75,000 or less; $ 150,000 or less for couples, and $ 112,500 for single mothers or heads of household.

The gradual reduction or the funds for the credit begin to reduce for people who report higher income than the previous ones up to a maximum of $ 95,000 for individuals and $ 170,000 for those who file jointly.

According to the CNET report, the credit per child will begin to decrease by $ 50 for every $ 1,000 of income above these thresholds.

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