Thursday, August 18

Intercity gives themselves another victory for their streak (0-1)

Nine wins and four draws in their last 13 games of the year. This is how Intercity has closed its historic 2021, with promotion and listing included. The last match before Christmas took place in El Ejido, a square complicated by the rival and, above all, by the poor state of the grass. The “men in black” did not clash and proved, once again, to be a team capable of competing in all kinds of circumstances. A goal from Benja in the first half was enough to take the loot back to Alicante.

Intercity took a long time to control the game, so Cristian found his place among the bald spots on the Municipal de Santo Domingo lawn, half an hour. Until that moment, the locals took the initiative and offered a greater sense of danger, thanks to the mixture of their pressure and the poor condition of the grass to prevent the construction from behind by Siviero’s men.

An offside action at the limit indicated to Montero when he faced Manu Herrera and a good individual action by Sergio Pérez, well stopped by the veteran Madrid goalkeeper, were the best chances for the Almeria team. The feeling of being overwhelmed by Intercity at not being able to leave their field was greater than the offensive production of the Ejido.

However, as Cristian appeared, the “men in black” began to peek into the Godino area. First with a poisonous finish of his looking for the squad and then with an imbalance generated next to Pol Roigé, who was knocked down near the area when he was about to finish. The third came the goal.

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Cristian found Pol again, this time he was able to get his shot. This was repelled by the stick, but the rejection found Benja totally unmarked inside the area. The striker, with an extra point of calm, made it 0-1, despite the goalkeeper’s attempt to prevent the ball from going over the line.

With an advantage on the scoreboard, the Intercity began to breathe better and worry less about the difficulties of generating low game. In a counter after theft of Josiel, the Panamanian midfielder sinned from selfishness by wanting to end the action instead of looking for a partner. The break was controversial, as the referee signaled a foul in a fight between Sergio Pérez and Álvaro Pérez, after which the local striker took a shot that beat Manu Herrera. The referee had already blown his whistle and Sergio had his goal changed for a yellow one, due to his protests.

In the second half, Intercity launched their usual plan with an advantage on the scoreboard and gave another clinic of that other football so necessary in these categories. The people of Alicante managed to prevent practically anything from happening. The only dangerous action by the Ejido was a free-kick by Adán that Manu Herrera cleared in a hurry. The visitors had several options to sentence, but Pol Roigé and Cristian were not successful. With the final whistle, another victory to extend the streak to 13 games without knowing the defeat and spend a merry Christmas.

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