Thursday, December 9

Intercity goes down in history as the first Spanish club on the Stock Market

Perfect Palacio, Salvador Martí and Javier Mira after the ringing of the bell during the act of listing of the Alicante club, held yesterday in Madrid. | CF INTERCITY

Campaign. Purchase. Sell. Yesterday, Friday, Intercity wrote its name in the history of Spanish football, by becoming the first national club to go public. The event was held in style in the emblematic building that the stock market has in the capital, Madrid. They opened the doors to the Alicante club and welcomed it with open arms, in a first step that other national football entities are expected to follow in the future. The first, yes, will always be the Intercity.

The atmosphere that was breathed in the Palacio de la Bolsa, very close to the soccer square of Neptuno, was during the big day, despite the fact that the protagonist plays in Second RFEF, the fourth category of Spanish football. On the parquet floor of the main room there was an aroma of Intercity on all four sides, with club emblems, motivational phrases and staff of the entity, making Intercity the “Trending Topic” of the day in a place that, a priori, could have welcomed to a football club like a stranger in his home. Quite the opposite. They welcomed the Intercity, from inside the building they confessed it, like the team that opens the way. They are convinced that there should be more in the future.

The founders of Intercity, led by its president Salvador Martí, radiated pride for the step taken in a personal project, in which they have already experienced three promotions in the category. It is also precisely the third IPO of these entrepreneurs, who with their company Facephi are already present in the Madrid and Paris markets.

Tomorrow to remember

Intercity joined the BME Growth stock market (made up of 16 companies and 15 partners) with 300 initial shareholders and a total company value of 5.5 million euros. Starting at 11:30 a.m., a first auction was opened at a price of 1.20 euros / share, which could be accessed by anyone. With the iconic image of the bell ringing with the three founders, a supply and demand process began at 12 noon in which Intercity will be listed like any other company on the Spanish stock market.

After the bell ringing and the declarations of the authorities present, led by Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, and Albert Soler, head of the Higher Sports Council, the first day of Intercity on the Stock Exchange followed the usual course of any new company that goes public, with an initial rise in the price of the shares that will subsequently stabilize over the days and weeks.

From now on, any interested party can buy (and sell) shares of the “men in black”. An adventure in which Intercity is a pioneer of Spanish football. The first trading day was not bad for Intercity, since the club soared its price by 40 percent, so that each share went from the initial 1.20 to 1.68 with which it closed the day. A total of 101 actions were carried out in a historic day for Intercity.

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