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Interesting things that happen to your body in spring, and you can’t imagine

Do you feel different in spring? The logical thing is yes. It occurs in all seasons of the year, but in this one it is stronger than in the rest.

The poet already said: “Spring, blood alters.” And it is completely true. But also many other things happen in our body that have nothing to do with blood, or sexual activity.

It is true that this season is when most animal and plant species reproduce, but the human species can do so at any time of the year.

At this time allergies are also triggered, and many people have a really bad time. but they exist other lesser known changes in our body, caused by spring.

Some of these alterations are positive, and others are negative.. That is why it is convenient to know them, to identify them and know how to act.

The changes do not affect all people in the same way, nor all countries. They are more pronounced in places where they suffer cold winters.

The ActiveBeat medical website has compiled the main changes caused by spring. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Hormonal changes

At this time there are melatonin adjustmentsa hormone that controls sleep and moods.

That’s why in spring they have less desire to sleep, and the desire to do things is activatedespecially outdoors.

Better mood and more energy

East decreased melatonin levels It doesn’t just affect sleep. Also Depression levels are reduced and mental well-being is increased. This is also affected the increase in the hours of sunshine, and the fact that there is more light.

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It is the reason that sometimes you feel more content and happy in spring, for no apparent reason.

This improved mood and spending more time outdoors has an additional benefit: we feel more energetic.

improve memory

Two studies published in the journal Psychological Science reveal that people who spend time outdoors in spring, they retain numbers better and remember things longer.

It is not very clear why, but it is suspected that it is related to the aforementioned improvement in mood.

an inspiring station

If you work in a creative activity, you have to make the most of spring.

A University of Michigan study found that improved mood and spending more time outdoors, trigger the neural channels of creativity.

your hair grows

Hair reaches its maximum anagen phase during the month of Marchand their number slowly decreases until September.

In this phase the cells of the hair root divide rapidly. This causes new hair to form and the ones that have stopped growing to be expelled.

The effect is that hair grows more. But no, if you’ve gone bald, you won’t grow new hair…

More migraines and headaches

Unfortunately, all spring changes are not good.

According to the HealthDigest website, temperatures rise in spring, which causes headaches in sensitive people. It also rains often and there are changes in atmospheric pressure that increases migraines and headaches.

joint pain

Another negative effect of spring is that joint pain increases.

People suffering from arthritis and rheumatism are especially sensitive. The conclusion of the study is that this is due to the fact that in spring temperatures fluctuate a lot.

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Have you noticed some of these changes this spring?

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