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Interior dismisses the deputy director of the Villena prison after being arrested for pretending that she had been attacked by hooded men | Spain

Concentration of rejection for the alleged aggression suffered by the deputy director of Security of the Alicante II penitentiary, in Villena, on October 9.
Concentration of rejection for the alleged aggression suffered by the deputy director of Security of the Alicante II penitentiary, in Villena, on October 9.MORELL (EFE)

The general direction of Penitentiary Institutions has dismissed the deputy director of the Villena (Alicante) prison, detained by the Civil Guard for pretending to have suffered an attack last September and presenting a false complaint. The dependent body, of the Ministry of the Interior, will wait until the procedural situation of the arrested woman is officially communicated to it to open a disciplinary file.

The termination of the prison leadership comes a day after her arrest by the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Villena, during Operation Silence, which was opened after the official reported that five hooded men had attacked her in front of to his home so that he would not testify in a case of possible assault on a prisoner by three officials. The investigations by the armed institute conclude that the attack never took place and that the complaint he filed was false.

According to sources close to the investigation, the deputy director of the Alicante prison incurred “certain contradictions” in her account that raised the suspicions of the agents. From the first moment, she maintained that five hooded men threatened and beat her on the door of her home in order to erase a video in which three prison officials appeared brutally beating a prisoner. He also pointed out that, days before, he had received threatening messages on his phone so that he would not participate in the investigation commission of these events, something that he could not prove because, he told the agents, his mobile had been stolen.

In the statement given yesterday in the presence of his lawyer, the investigating agents raised all the possible errors that they had detected in his complaint, which, in principle, could be credible, according to the sources consulted. Among them, that neither the attack nor the theft of the mobile were real. However, the deputy director remained firm at all times in her initial statements and did not change a single comma in her story. After the appearance before the Civil Guard, she was released with evidence and was charged with the crimes of false report and simulation of crime.

After presenting his complaint in September, both the Secretary General for Institutions, Ángel Luis Ortiz, and the Minister of the Interior himself, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, supported the now detained woman. The first participated in a rally at the gates of the penitentiary and stated that “any irregular behavior will have a response that is as fair as it is forceful.” Marlaska, for her part, defended what she described as “a true civil servant” and expressed on television her “solidarity and appreciation” with the alleged victim of the attack.

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