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Internal Affairs says that Villarejo did not consult police databases to spy on the president of Sacyr

Former Commissioner Villarejo

Former Commissioner Villarejo

The Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police has delivered a report to the judge instructing the Tandem case in which they assert that the commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo did not use police databases for the order that was carried out between 2011 and 2012 by Repsol and Caixabank to investigate the maneuvers of the then president of Sacyr, Luis del Rivero.

The report, advanced by ‘Voz Populi’ and to which EP has had access, is dated April 2021 and responds to a request from the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6, Manuel García-Castellón, of November 2020 in which He indicated that he wanted to know if this type of bases were accessed in this curator’s project (Wine project), which are of a restricted nature and that could have allowed the obtaining of reserved information.

But Internal Affairs ventilates the judge’s order in three pages, noting that among the documentation related to Wine, the one that could have been obtained from police files has not been identified “clearly”. Of course, they point out that it has been proven that part of the information marketed by the company that Villarejo used for his work (Cenyt) “It had been obtained from files outside the National Police Corps, some of them public and others of a restricted nature., specifically obtained from telephone companies.

This line of investigation, piece 21 of Tándem, was opened at the end of 2019 with the aim of analyzing the allegedly illicit commission of the commissioner for energy and for the Catalan savings bank. Both of them wanted to “safeguard” their interests as business allies in a context of struggle between key shareholders in Repsol YPF to take control of the company. Repsol and Caixabank resorted to Villarejo’s services because they wanted to prevent Del Rivero, through an agreement with the Mexican Pemex, from taking control of the board of directors chaired by Antonio Brufau.

Since the piece was opened, both the former president of Caixabank Isidro Fainé and the president of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, have paraded through the National Court as defendants. In addition to them, the former Repsol Corporate Security Director Rafael Araujo and the former CaixaBank Security Chief Miguel Ángel Fernández Rancaño – both commissioners, one on leave and the other retired – are investigated, as well as Villarejo, his partner Rafael Redondo and the former Repsol Deputy Director of Safety Rafael Girona Hernández.

But with this new report, Internal Affairs marks substantial differences between the Wine project and other commissions carried out by the commissioner, in which it was evident that police bases were pulled, as in the case of the separate piece relating to BBVA.

Communications traffic

However, the police do explain that Villarejo had regularly obtained the traffic of the telephone communications of the people he was investigating through the former head of the Central Unit for Operational Support (UCAO) Enrique García Castaño, given that The latter, “thanks to his job, had regular contact with the telephone companies.”

Already in November, in the order for which the company security officers accused, the judge pointed out that, thanks to the intervention, it had become known that Villarejo and Redondo obtained information from those investigated through “the obtaining and analyzing your phone call traffic“.” Which implies access to the conservation of data to which the telephone companies are obliged in accordance with the provisions of the Law (…) and without it being established that Villarejo has judicial authorization for detection purposes, investigation and prosecution of serious crimes, “he noted.

Now, at the request of the judge, the UAI reviewed the accesses to police bases in the period from November 2011 to June 2012 in relation to a total of thirteen telephone numbers and four people (including del Rivero and his wife). After receiving a response from the Computing Area of ​​the Computing and Communications Unit, they point out that the results of the analysis “do not show any positive regarding Luis del Rivero”, while regarding his wife there are two ‘positive’ but that coincide with the renewal of your ID. Yes, there were several positives about Sacyr’s Safety Officer Rodrigo Álvarez Vázquez, but “with no apparent connection to the events under investigation,” and five about Repsol YPF’s former financial director Fernando Ramírez Mazarredo.

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