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“International fugitive, jobless and friendless”

Correspondent in Sao Paulo



The silence about a tragedy this weekend in the center of São Paulo, echoes in the reception of the Hotel San Rafael, where the employees flee the matter and comment on the Spanish guest who was a client for a week, and that in Saturday morning jumped from the 17th floor of that hotel in the center of the capital of São Paulo, with its little six year old daughter in the arms. They both died instantly.

“We don’t know anything, we have a lot of guests and I don’t remember who those people were,” the hotel bellboy misses about the strangers who were registered almost a week ago on the top floor. Founded more than 40 years ago, the hotel has almost 300 rooms and tries to withstand the decline of the city center.

According to the local press, the Spanish citizen had been staying since May 31 in that place where the night costs about 25 euros, but he has no clues that would allow him to know how long they would be in Brazil.

View of the Sao Raphael hotel, where father and daughter were staying
View of the Sao Raphael hotel, where father and daughter were staying – V. Goyzueta

On the path of Portuguese piedras on Avenida São João, the chauffeur Adriano Trajano, a maintenance employee of the São Paulo city hall, says that he arrived minutes later, at 5 a.m. and a little in the morning, when the Medical Legal Institute (IML) had already picked up the girl’s body, but that he came to see the frightening scene of 53-year-old man over the pool of blood.

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“I would not have the strength to see a scene worse than the one I saw”

“Fortunately I did not see the little girl, I would not have the strength to see a worse scene than the one I saw,” says Trajano, who arrived that morning with a team of workers to clean the sidewalk. «We had to work on another block because the Police had already isolated the area. But our day was over in that instant. It was very sad, “he says.

With the security tapes now removed, a hotel employee struggled to try to clean up the blood stains, with sand and water, that they insist on remaining. «He left a letter. Nobody understands how he was able to kill himself and his daughter ”, says Trajano, who heard that the man threw the girl first and he threw himself afterwards, and not with her in his arms, as is recorded in the local newspapers.

At the police station good retreat, where the case was opened, the police also evade, as the file is also in the hands of Interpol, which has increased the mystery about the case. “It is very secret, because there is data protection and there is a minor girl,” says a diplomatic source.

Content of the letter

The Interpol He entered the case from a handwritten correspondence in Spanish where the 53-year-old man reveals that he is Spanish and tells of part of the problems that led to his death. In the message, quote a life like international fugitive, without work, without money and without friends. In the letter, addressed to a probable partner, the man complains of a failed relationship and cheating, something that, according to his written testimony, led him to commit suicide with Catita, who would be the name of the little girl.

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Contents of the letter left by the man
Content of the letter left by the man – V. Goyzueta

But not all the fault is yours. I too am guilty of this situation we have reached. I am an idiot, a stupid and a trusting person who did not know how to see a false one who used ‘love’ to achieve her selfish ends. That is why it is good that I die and that you suffer the unspeakable», Says the letter that is in the hands of the Police.

The police are trying to find out, from the information they found in the letter, why he was a fugitive and if he was really a fugitive from Interpol. Agents are also investigating hotel camera footage to see if he and his daughter received visitors, as well as why he was without papers in Brazil, who was the person who offered him a job and who would be his partner, the recipient of the letter.

«The last days have been very happy for me and my girl»

In the letter, the man explains that he killed his daughter because he had no no one to leave her with, which would not have happened if he were in Spain, next to his family. «I apologize to the hotel for the damage it may cause you. The truth is that the last few days have been very happy for me and my girl ». The letter, in turn, ends with a drawing of a heart.

The Police found documents proving that they were father and daughter and reported that the hotel room they occupied was “in order” and no signs of violence. It is likely that the family relationship has been verified when registering at the reception, because the São Raphael is a traditional hotel in the center and the Brazilian law is very strict with the hotel industry when hosting minors.

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No person known to the victims was at the scene of the events, and there is no information on who the girl’s mother would be. The case was registered as simple homicideand suicide by the 2nd Police Station of Bom Retiro and referred to the 3rd Police District, Campos Elíseos, in downtown São Paulo.

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