Sunday, October 17

“International pressure did not force a political change in Venezuela, but it has forced an economic change” | Interview with Alberto Vollmer, president of Ron Santa Teresa

  • Daniel Garcia Marco
  • BBC World News


Alberto Vollmer runs one of the most successful companies in Venezuela, a country where the economic mixes with the political.

In a country as polarized as Venezuela, businessman Alberto Vollmer balances.

And that helps the family business he runs, Ron Santa Teresa, not only is it maintained after more than 200 years of history, but in an economic environment of destruction such as Venezuela, it continues to produce, export and be one of the most recognized brands in the country.

Last month Santa Teresa even received authorization to issue dollar debt on the Caracas stock exchange, a sign of the opening of the socialist government to the private sector at a time of need for income and investment.

Vollmer, 51, is one of the “optimistic” businessmen who believe that economic change in Venezuela is irreversible and that he is willing to take advantage of it.

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