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International rejection of Daniel Ortega’s self-proclamation


Aluvin of criticism from a large part of the international community, with the EU, the US and Spain in the lead, after the electoral parody

A protester against the electoral farce of Nicaragua, in San Jos
A protester against the Nicaraguan electoral farce, in San Jos.Jeffrey ArguedasEFE
  • Amrica Latina The struggle of the Nicaraguan exiles: “They offered a reward for whoever killed me”

The epilogue of the Nicaraguan electoral parody, with the official results provided at dawn by the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), provoked a barrage of censorship from a large part of the international community, with the classic revolutionary exceptions. The United States and Costa Rica led the response on Sunday to join the European Union and its 27 countries yesterday, with Spain in the lead. Reactions without anesthesia that due to their forcefulness advance new sanctions against the Sandinista regime.

Oblivious to the critical gazes of the planet and absorbed in its second revolutionary dimension, the CSE communicated to the country what everyone already knew and that was even being held in advance in Sandinista areas: the “triumph” of the electoral ticket made up by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. The magistrates have awarded the Sandinista candidacy 74.99% of the votes, two and a half points higher even than that obtained in the 2016 elections, which were also very controversial.

This part of the result has its logic, because the Sandinista caudillo competes against five false rivals, comparsas of the electoral “circus”. The one who obtained the best result was Walter Espinoza, from the Liberal Constitutional Party (PLC), a historical ally of the revolution, which reached 14.40% compared to 15.03% in the last elections. All part of the same equation, which took the seven opposition candidates out of the political game for real. They all remain detained in inhumane conditions for months.

“Ortega with his self-proclamation intends to consolidate his authoritarian family model centered on a single party, distancing the country from any possibility of democratic transition. Today more than ever we need the support of the international community to liberate Nicaragua,” he implored from exile. Mara Asuncin Moreno, one of the presidential candidates who managed to flee before being arrested.

The data that does not have any credibility for opponents, civil society and the international community, who saw semi-empty streets and voting centers with minimal minimums throughout Sunday, is that of participation. According to the CSE, it reached 65.34%, a “success” given the circumstances. The data contrasts radically with the calculations made by Urnas Abiertas, which estimates that national abstention ranges between 79% and 84%. The independent organization was assisted by 1,450 observers throughout the country.

“Citizen abstention has been monumental, a slap in the face to the regime. It has been shown that civil society is not only alive and well, but that the opposition in Nicaragua has unusual vigor and leadership,” said the sociologist Sofa Montenegro.

The polling stations appeared so desolate that even those invited by the government, accompanying ‘hoolingans’ of the revolutions, missed this fact in their television interviews. “In this election there were no lines and that is important. You only had to wait five minutes. In Ecuador and Bolivia, also transparent elections, you had to wait several hours. It is impressive, another example of a well-organized process,” stuttered Ben Norton, a communicator from the American left on one of the public channels.

It was precisely its president, Joe Biden, who did not wait for the official results to fire the first political “torpedo” against Managua. The new sanctions from Washington seem imminent after the “pantomime” carried out by the “autcrats” Ortega and Murillo. Immediately, the government of Costa Rica, of democratic descent in Central America, did not know the results.

They followed Chile, Colombia and Uruguay (“they lack legitimacy”) and it is expected that a good part of the countries of the region will join. For tomorrow the Organization of American States (OAS) is scheduled to debate Ortega’s farce, with several members threatening to demand that Nicaragua leave the organization.

The European Union (EU) and Spain joined the censorship yesterday, without contemplation or palliative. “It has been a mockery of the Nicaraguan people, the international community and, above all, democracy. The opposition leaders who wanted to compete are in prison and we demand their immediate release as we have been demanding since August. They have no guarantee for the most of the countries of the international community and of the EU, “Jos Manuel Albares, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, vehemently criticized.

On the revolutionary side are the usual ones, with Nicols Maduro at the head. The “son of Chvez” did not comply with the protocol and went ahead several hours to congratulate his “brother” Ortega: “Nicaragua has whoever loves it.”

Not for Nicaragua, but in favor of his dictatorship, the government of Cuba and Bolivia immediately stood up, including the former president Evo Morales recovered the old codes to justify his support: “Ortega’s triumph is the defeat of Yankee interventionism.”

It remains to be known what the position of Peru will be, although the radical Vladimir Cerrn, faced directly with President Pedro Castillo, who he himself selected, applauded in advance. The pronouncement of Mexico and Argentina, governments that participate in the Puebla Group and are close to the revolutionaries. The salvific opposition Farabundo Mart National Liberation Front (FSLN), which has some escaped leaders in Nicaragua, also welcomed the triumph of its ally.

In Europe, Russia and its Abkhaz and South Ossetian satellites, which sent escorts, applauded the “democratic conditions” of the farce, even Moscow went further by considering “unacceptable that the US does not recognize the vote.”

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