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Intestinal gases ▷ How you can eliminate them with an abdominal massage

Many people suffer from intestinal gas, a most annoying ailment that can make your life impossible. Flatulence occurs when excessive air accumulates in the stomach; they are very uncomfortable and painful and can even cause nausea. Poor digestion can form the gases, either by eating certain types of food, by combining them incorrectly or by eating large meals.

Fed up with these uncomfortable stomach gas after every meal? Some home remedies and some abdominal massages can alleviate this annoying feeling.

What can I do to relieve intestinal gas?

With the abdominal massage we help the stimulation of the liver and gallbladder and we facilitate that the blood circulation of the abdominal area is more fluid. Thanks to the massages we will feel relief since the heat and the tactile therapy relax the muscles and promote intestinal activity.

A great way to release intestinal gas from the belly is pressing the abdomen. To do this, lie on your back and bend your knees over your belly, exerting some pressure. This position facilitates the expulsion of gases.

Tricks to eliminate intestinal gas

Another option is to lie down with the knees bent and keep your arms raised to the side of your head. Now turn your hips by moving your knees to the side. Take a deep breath and slowly turn to the other side. Make sure that the trunk and the upper part of the shoulders remain still, only the legs should move.

This is how you can give yourself a massage to eliminate intestinal gas

If what you want is to eliminate intestinal gas through a stomach massage, please follow the steps below to do it correctly:

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How to eliminate intestinal gas with a massage

  1. Lie down in a comfortable area and breathe deeply and smoothly and try to relax throughout the massage.
  2. With the fingertips massage around the navel for a few minutes. With this, you will relax the stomach, improve digestion and facilitate the elimination of retained fluids.

  3. Next, do the same movement for the rest of the stomach avoiding the navel area.

  4. When you notice that the stomach is looser, place your hands just under the ribs and with the fingertips, massage deeply, dragging towards the navel, several times.

  5. Finally, you have to motivate the bowel movement through gentle circular massages clockwise to stimulate the path of blood flow. Start at the bottom right near your belly button and make circular motions around it in a clockwise direction. In this way, you will go up towards the rib cage and then you will go down again, continuing with the circular movement.

When you finish the massage, leave your hands resting on your abdomen to keep warm and that the stomach stay relaxed. You can perform this massage for half an hour, twice a week to improve intestinal transit and expel accumulated gases.

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